Which is The best place to do MBA IN INDIA WITH BEST PLACEMENTS IN 2020/2021?

The Best Place to do MBA with The Best Placements in 2020/2021 Would be IIM-A. 


It’s a B-school that is known all over the country to be the best. Its location is Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, India. Rarely does an individual encounter a person who doesn’t know about this Business School. Most people know about it and are aware about it.



In order to secure admission in this college, an individual has to secure an excellent percentile. Also, individuals need to be good in the communication process and should have a good personality. 

The MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources) has given the status of Institute of National Importance by the ministry in the year of 2017. Its year of establishment is 1961. IIM Ahmedabad Endowment Fund was launched in the year of 2020 in the month of June.

Ravi J. Matthai was the founding director of this institute.

The physicist Vikram Sarabhai and the Indian businessman Kasturbhai Lalbhai were the important founding people. IIM Ahmedabad is a public business school. Its motto in English is ‘Progress through the application of knowledge’. This b-school was established 58 years ago in the year 1961 on the 16th of December. Kumar Mangalam Birla is the chairman of this organization. Errol D’Souza is the director of this organization. It has got a number of academic staff  - nearly 139. 992 is the number of total students in this institute. IIM-A has got an urban campus. IIM-A also has the nickname WIMWI, that is, (well-known institute of Management in Western India). If an individual wants to have the full information about its functioning and cultural values then one can visit its official website of Best MBA Courses. This website has also got information regarding the operations of the B-school. 

This institute was established with the support from a number of bodies. This includes but is not limited to the government of India, the government of Gujarat, Harvard Business School and so on. The exact placement cannot be ascertained as it happens to change from year to year. The amount can vary from Rupees 12 lacs to 30 lacs Rupees. This is indicative of the least and maximum placement amount.


IIM-A has four academic programs   - 


1.     MBA program

2.     MBA-FABMt

3.     MBA-PGPX

4.     Ph.D program in management 


The additional programs offered by the B-school are –

1.    FDP

2.    AFP

3.    e-PGP

4.    EEP

UNIGAGA offers counseling sessions. With us, you can feel secure in understanding the importance of going to a reputed B-school. With UNIGAGA, an individual can be sure of all the prerequisites that are considered important in the application process. The documents required have to be taken into consideration. Since IIM-A offers a variety of internships programs it can help a person is facing the challenges that are coming one’s way.

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