Where's Your Help From?

 Mornoonevenite everyone...... wonder what it means, you don't have to! Simple to understand ...

In some part of the world...... it's is MORNING.... In some part it's NOON..... In some part it's EVENING... In some part people are fast asleep it's NITE...... so it's combined together and whenever someone says “Good Mornoonevenite” just grab your greetings in accordance with your time zone and answer kapish... very easy you see... this idea was passed unto us from our sweet chancellor, you already know her hehehehehe ... 

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   Now to the title“ where's your help from? ”

Normally christians answer “ My help comes from GOD who made heaven and earth.”

which is absolutely correct BUT needs activation from you.

     allow me elaborate more on this because truly people lack wisdom and understanding only believing in the word without activating it....


   Imagine yourself doing nothing at home just passing and wasting time which is precious if you know the value...

      e.g you wake in the morning, put on your training wears and go to the gym, comes back and had a yummy breakfast... 

e.g at noon you entertained yourself by watching movie and music videos, crunching snacks....

    e.g in the evening you went for a stroll roaming about your environment.. comes back and have supper.

e.g at night you storm the internet browsing and surfing through twitter, facebook and Instagram... watching the latest trend and impersonating them....


and you repeat same thing everyday of your life and expect help to come to you at your doorstep...... except you have a source of income coming while you relaxed... that's better.

Now there's this saying that heaven or God help those that helps themselves......... [made a research on it because it was a popular saying to those that are not willing to work...... although this is not biblical... meaning not in the bible]



   ☹️ Now am lost here and I never gave up so I still opened the bible to find a solid evidence about this ........then I came across 2 thessalonians 3 verse 10

And it says “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “THE ONE WHO IS UNWILLING TO WORK SHALL NOT EAT.”

The word of God is wisdom to mankind..... it's left for you to read and understand.

When you feel RELUCTANTLY in what you do your returns will be reluctant too to yeild plenty returns.

     How would you feed when you don't work, how would you pay bills when you don't work, how would you sort things out when you don't work.

     Where's your help from?

when you don't have a foundation or pillar to hold on to.....invest your time now.. before it's too late!


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Noushad Khan
13 Jan

Hey dear 

I hope you are good 

I see your post nice work .I like your work keep it up And i m new here And first time I see your work so many best best wishes for you All 


Torta Lawrence Terfa
13 Jan

So thoughtful. It's just the simple truth Cesca. No one should decide to just sit and hope to provided for without working for the things they need. It doesn't work that way and I don't think it ever will. Nonetheless, there are people who have been fortunate enough to come from really wealthy homes. They have everything they could ever ask for. But I still think that it's wise to still go out and find something to keep the mind busy. I don't think I would ever want to not have to work lol.


Cesca Jove
13 Jan

Of course there are people born with silver spoon and they're privilege to have reserved wealth.... but once that's wealth runs out you still have to work for it!.


Noushad Khan
13 Jan

Hey dear 

I hope you are good 

I see your post nice work .I like your work keep it up And i m new here And first time I see your work so many best best wishes for you All 


Vincent Isibor
13 Jan

Very correct @ cesca. GOD help only those that are not lazy. My help is from the LORD who made heaven on Earth.


Samson Nosa CEO
13 Jan

Very nice concept. The work is outstanding. 

We need more of this here. 

Our help, my help comes from above. Cheers


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