Where Do The Creative Ideas 💡 Come From??


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Creative ideas 💡 come from the unconscious and from the conscious. It is a fact that the human mind is not sleeping even during sleep.  This is why the mysterious blend and cooperation of the conscious and the unconscious mind create the solving idea or the oft-awaited idea. A from belief in institution

Creative ideas mysteriously burst into the mind, glowing with the heat of creation

New and creative ideas flash in the human mind suddenly and unexpectedly, and not gradually and regularly. Such a new and bright idea assists human beings in every field of life like religion, philosophy, literature art music, or scientific invention.

Entire creative activity depends, to some extent, upon some signals from the unconscious. The more highly intuitive a person is, the sharper and more dramatic the signals ate

"The stream of life was not to flow to me from without, but from within"                            (Richard Wagner)

A new idea came less easily when the human mind is strained by anxiety or tense with impatience to achieve a definitive result of his creative activity or process, The new idea goes at its own pace " as inevitable as life"

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Alagbe Adeniyi
30 Nov

As you have earlier said that creative ideas comes from conscious and unconscious minds... Creative idea is a feeling that comes or flows to us which we use to express ourselves through our writings


Zarnish k
30 Nov

Exactly , 

The last words took my heart!

When you are surrounded by lots of anxiety and stress how could you be creative , 

Simply it means you are more creative while you are in Peace ✌️


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

Creativity comes from the inner mind. The sub conscious mind and also some ideas come from conscious mind too. 


Madiha Jamil
30 Nov

Yes you are right creative ideas mysteriously burst into the mind, glowing with the heat of creation.

Creative ideas evolve from existing memories and impressions. Such an informative post thanx for sharing.


Chidiebere Christian
30 Nov

Indeed creativity all lies with being emooeeredy both by yourself and by other things around you to do better







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