When we cry!
Hi buddies 

I hope you are all good and safe at your homes using uptrennd.

Who had this experience of losing everything when you were about to complete your description on uptrennd? 

This is so worst and I think it dry almost half liter of blood. It is not so easy to write almost 2000 character post and then you lost everything. 

This was just a meme haha. I come up here with solution. 

  • ​First and best thing is write on any other place and then just paste it here. Write it on your phone notes or anywhere u feel easy. 

  • ​Copy your description before you press the upload button. 

​And one additional thing for all of you. 

​Presentation of post should be best. I always feel good to see that many of you are using multiple images and color tools to Make post attractive. This is a good sign.

​Work on yourself and find way to improve yourself in every matter.

​Tell me did you ever experience this?

​Yours only:

    ​   ​Kamran Akbar 

​Image source: I made on meme generator app 



Esther Emmanuel .
03 Nov

What?! Are you kidding me, I have experienced this alot of times especially when I just joined the platform. There was a day I  prepared a post that has about 3000 characters, the page refreshed, I couldn't believe what  happened that one of my eyes were twitching, I cried that day and I stay off Uptrennd for almost a week. 

I have learnt my lesson since then hehe and now I do exactly according to the solution you gave us in your post. 


Mughal Mirza
03 Nov

It is so much irritating for me personally to loose all the post just because of the reason i could not be uploaded.This also happened with me last night when i was posting but it could not be uploaded and i just forgt to copy my post of 3000 words amd i lost that But i found a better option here first write on anywhere else the post here on uptrennd.


awal ramlee
03 Nov

I have not used the smartphone to post, comment and write, I used the desktop, So it would not be as bad, and I have more control over things. I use google keep in conjunction. The draft in google keep. It saves automatically. The problem is when I 

had transferred the draft to UpTrennd. Lessons learn late, for me.


Mahnoor DanisH
03 Nov

Hahahahaha this is me. 

I am a victim of this. Though I am a fast learner so learned so early to deal with it. 

I usually write anywhere in notes and some app. 


Syeda Ayesha
03 Nov

Yes @Kamram Akbar l have experienced it several times, 

It happened to me today, I was out of time but my content vanished 2 times,  it was very sad and annoying, I really wanted to cry as I did hard to collect the words, but they vanished 😭😭😂😂


Buraimoh Irewolemiwa
03 Nov

This happens to me most times but I've learnt my lesson now I make my post on my notes first before I copy and paste here and make the arrangement very clean and tidy it up and I hit the preview button to see how the arrangement looks like thanks for posting this.


Tiwatope Choco
03 Nov

That is a great one thanks for this great information you have really help someone today about your post well have not experience this before.


Safari Bangz
03 Nov

Lol, it has happened to me several times. It was very painful and so annoying.. So what I do now is that before I click post, I will copy my work in code form, so that it will retain the editing I made on the post. 

Even if it has while uploading,I will just refresh it and paste it again.. 

It will send. 


Fizza Ahmad
03 Nov

Last time i copied in code form. It helped by chance at that time my post was vanished in drafts


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