When someone ignore you move on with smile

It is human nature that he always attached feeling and emotion with someone who have spacial place in heart . When we value people very much, also we love them , we give them our time and make them feel like we belong from her heart , but when we make them feel loved, they  Understand that they start flying in the air.

 When some people start flying in the air, they start being very proud of themselves, then in this pride they start ignoring us and they become convinced that We are better than them. Of course, it is very painful to ignore them because if the same people who love us ignore us, then it hurts the heart a lot.

 Life is very temporary and in this temporary life, if someone walks with us, then it is fine, if he does not walk, then life goes on with us, even if he does not walk. It hurts more when a loved one walks away from us but we put a fake smile on our face.

 People who want to leave your life don't care about you. Such people are not begged for love and secondly, even if you cry in front of them, you will never catch their heart because those who  Man wants to leave you, he leaves you.

 Therefore, even if there is a fake smile on your face , but always keep your face smiling because a smile has a very deep effect on someone's heart.

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Eunigold Paul
06 Apr

When someone ignores you, it so sad and disheartening Because that person loves you with his or her mind and when she receives disappointment in return it hurt so much. All I know is that anyone ignoring you doesn't care about your welfare


Suny Ag
06 Apr

I am not sure whether this is true for your lover only but even in real life, this is applicable to everyone in my contact. If someone wants to ignore me for reasons best known to them, I don't take it on my heart. I let them do him his own way and I walk on my own. There is no way I can attract them so why should I care?


Suman Naz
06 Apr

You are right sir.

There are some people in life whom we give too much important and then they start to understand that we are the best.And then they start ignoring us.When someone ignores us we suffer No one else can guess this.We should never beg love from anyone in life.We should always put a smile on our face.The smile on our face leaves a deep impact on the lives of others. 


Aasia Noor
06 Apr

The life is too short and we must not spend it by wasting our emotions on someone who never cares for us...the one who is your, will always be yours, no matter what is the situation...but if someone ignores you and never respect for your emotions,then just leave that person and move on because life never stops...for some time, it seems difficult at start but later on with passage of time, everything comes on track....

So give value tp your self respect and someone not cares for you, you do the same and enjoy the life....


Zoyaa Ansari
06 Apr

Absolutely this life is very beautiful but this beautiful life we should give it to those who give us value who give time to us who love us.If someone ignores you, put a smile on your face and ignore them forever.🤣✌️


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