When someone cheats on you, forgive them, but don't trust them again

Dear uptrendianns

Assalam O Alaikum

As long as we live in this world we will encounter many people who will love us very much and There will be many people who will come into our lives and show us their love only but they will have hatred for us in their hearts and smiles on their faces.

And they will never let us think that they really love us or that they are pretending, but when such people are exposed, they are a lowly people.

Remember there are so many people in this world who use us only for their selfishness love us as selfish people live with us as selfish people give us time with their selfishness

There are some people in our life who deceive us a lot and hurt us all the time but at one point in life they meet us when they need us most and they apologize to us. Yes, it is okay to forgive them, but the way 

Hazrat Ali (R.A)

When someone cheats on you, forgive him but don't trust him again.

In the same way, it is very difficult to trust another human being and often when we trust When a person cheats on us and plays with our feelings, it hurts a lot, so don't play with any person's feelings and always learn to love people and give love to people. 

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Essa sherazi
30 Nov

Forgiveness is a good thing, even if someone hurts you. Some people have a middle ground. They can't stay with anyone for long. I think such people should be forgiven, maybe they will realize their mistake and learn from their mistakes and repent of hurting people's feelings.


Faith Patrick
30 Nov

It is difficult to even trust someone now in our evolving world as trust can be easily broken. But like the saying goes: "To err is human but to forgive is divine"... We ought to forgive everyone regardless of the times they have hurt us but we should learn to avoid close relationships with them because if you do, you might be vulnnerabel to them again.


Adegbe Gift
30 Nov

We are in the world where most people think of what they will gain, or they know is just their selfish interest, one can pretend to be good and loving Because there is something he wants to achieve, they're are just green snake 🐍 in a green grace


Zeeshan Shahid
30 Nov

Selfish peoples built relationship just for your benefits and when purpose achieve then left them. The relations built on trust and loyalty. When someone cheats you or disheart you then difficult to trust anyone. 


Fatima Joyo
30 Nov

Exactly that's what we need to do because trust is like a glass when someone hurt you break your trust you should forgive him but never ever trust that person again because he will again use you and leave you hurt you that person don't deserve you ... just forget all this And leave  this matter to Allah he will take your revenge 😍🌝🙌


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