When do you know that a relashionship has started?


When we fall in love for the very first time, we are usually consumed up by the subject or object thatbwe have fallen in love with and it's normal that we shall want that connection to last forever and because of the strong love between the two, it's hard to point out the exact moment when feel that it's time you made the relationship serious especially because each moment feels different and unique and wonderful.

Most times we have many people we call our friends and we usually share with them our imagined future which entails many things including marriage, financial plans, travel plans, and many more that could  feel so personal to us. 

The moment we decide to start dating, it may seem like we have actually found our footing on a serious  relationship. We should also note that although a relationship might feel serious and comforting, we should know that not all of them are healthy and worthy continuing. 

With that said, when/how do you know that a relashionship has started?



Esther Akusobi
17 Nov

Love is a natural feeling that comes from inside and it will take all over you, sometimes you might not even know when you fall in love ,you will only find your self being attached to the person .


Ayyat Fatima
17 Nov

hahah ...hm hm to answer this ,i have to go back to memorize the day when the relationship has stated..em em ..hehe..it was three years ago..when our relationship has started ,we come to  know that we both have feelings for each other so ...its continue till now hehhe


17 Nov

Relationship starts once it had passed through the nurturing stage where you show care , love , affection , resources etc together.

We then start when the lady has ascertain that the guy is genuine and not fake


Mahnoor Amna
17 Nov

First of all you are so right not all the relationships as worthy to carry on always.

I guess a relationship starts after commitment by bith partners. If there is no commitment tgere is no relationship. It's just a friendship. 

Sometimes you may think your friend is in love with you and you may consider all the hangouts as dates. 

But No...

Ask first if he thinks same or not. 

If he thinks same then yes it's a relationship and better is to make it official🌟


Roberto Mendez
17 Nov

There are many ways to start a dating relationship and you can consider them if you are thinking of starting with the person you are currently dating and even if you don't know that person yet but would like to have a relationship. Although there are many types of love and a thousand factors to consider, the main advice is to get carried away and try to be a patient person


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