I have witnessed great and strong men cry their eyes out because of one mistake or something they have done wrong. 

Some people have given up on life and committed suicide because of a wrong decision they took in their past. Others have taken and are given to alcohol as a remedy to their heavy heart. 

What should you do when you see all your investments going down the drains as a result of a poorly considered decision you took some time ago? 

For me, the first thing is to admit that I was responsible for what had happened. Next is to think of what could have been done to prevent such from happening?

Thirdly, I will think of all possible ways to make things right by exploring all available options in rebuilding what was damaged or regaining back what was lost. This requires a great deal of determination and extra efforts in putting things aright. 

Finally, patience, faith and confidence will have to come in before the result begins to show up. 

Thanks for your time. 

If you were to be in the position of the writer, what will you have done? (please just one thing and make it brief). 

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Anees Khalid
24 Nov

Well it's very tough to describe these feelings in words as i have drowned my 2 million rupees once by just making a very wrong descion of investment and still regretting about that as now it's almost 3 years ago....!


Hope Ochei
24 Nov

Thanks for your contributions. I appreciate. 


XxX offiong
24 Nov

Mistake or no mistake from ones analysis, facts is things can all just go volatile in a twinkle of an eye.

Despite such we should remember we are not the first and won't be the last to go down this part, people have been there and have come out stronger, so no matter what just believe you are capable of facing any bad investment decisions and turning things around


Hope Ochei
24 Nov

Thanks for your contributions. I appreciate. 


Atanda Davido
24 Nov

temptations and down times will come, everyone got a story so don't think because they ain't talking then you are the only one going through problems, just be brave, going away drinking and smoking to wipe out sorrows will only complicate issues, just think of the FORWARD.


Jerry Otebele
24 Nov

Smiles😚💕 Indeed, there are some MISTAKES that we would make that we LIVE to REGRET afterwards.

But, that notwithstanding, I always SEE life as a WIN WIN situation. I NEVER count my loss. If I don't WIN, I LEARN. ☀👑🙌🚀


Hope Ochei
24 Nov

Awesome response, thanks for your contribution. 


Aroosa Khan
24 Nov

Well said when a person does a mistake in the past, then past mistakes make their life difficult than he or she regrets to him or herself it is the best way to live happy we must be aware from those mistakes which make difficult our future  


Hope Ochei
24 Nov

Awesome response Aroosa,  but what would you have done if it were to be you? 







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