What words cannot express
⏩I can not say in a better way the love I feel for music than with the title that heads this post, because, for me, it is a means of expression that transcends what we can poorly convey with our words since music includes them but goes far beyond, it is harmony, melody and many more things.🎶🎵

🎶 Music has a special place in my heart since in my adolescence and youth I was able to take lessons on some instruments, such as cuatro, guitar, and keyboard. I remember some of those days when in the midst of the various activities I was doing, playing them distracted me and filled me with joy.🎶

🎵Therefore, besides being a means of expression, music is also a means of joy and pleasure, hence listening to a song that we like often excites us and lifts our spirits. In this sense, although I have my favorite musical genres, I also know how to appreciate any kind of music because of the feelings it moves in me.🎵


Uwem Ekanem
28 Feb

Music bring joy and happiness to us when we listening to it. Its uplift the spirit and revive the us especially in time of sorrows and trouble. This is a good journey and indeed, we need appreciate any kind of music.  I love music too especially Gospel and Raggae music.


Gohar Ali
28 Feb

Music is food of our soul, its give pleasure and relaxed us. Every one love music but everyone have different taste for music, i like slow and traditional music.. 


Ifiok Eso
28 Feb

Music is the blood tonic of the soul, it adds value of to ourlives through it lyrics and encourage us to stand firm while giving us hope .


Josemendez P.
28 Feb

Music can change sad mood to a joyous one . Music was also aimed at passing messages to the listener , unfortunately present day music is characterized by  immoral scenes and beat .

Gregorian chants has been one of my favorite , especially when I need to meditate .


preview not available Jesús Alejos
01 Mar

Yes, the gregorians chants are very armonity and it is why they help us to our spirit.


Jeremiah Akpabio
28 Feb

Music is a group of sound that is pleasing to the ears. Music has played major role in uplifting people spirits over the years not only you. Many use music when lonely to console themselves while others use it as a means of entertainment.  I like music too though not all kind of musics. 







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