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I was woken up by my neighbors downstairs who came to complained that our other neighbor downstairs, in the same compound, came into his apartment when he was at work to ask his wife out. 

My neighbors downstairs are both married and I don't get what neighbor A will go meet neighbor B wife and ask her out. I told the man that came to report to me to exercise patience for now that is the other man persist, then he'll have to go ask his own wife too out and tell the wife, this is what your husband did to my wife. 

The man said doing that will make them even and he'll not like that. So please, what better advise can I give him? 

Trusting you for a favorable advices 



Chibuike Ugwu alien
29 Oct

It sounds funny to me though I know it's a serious matter. My advice is that they should first of all report tell the wife about her husband's approach to another Man's wife and two the man should confront the the neighbor that's trespassing and warn him to stay away from his wife.


Omoniyi Popoola
29 Oct

For me, I believe I cannot fight because of a woman as it's even possible things set later behind you but same time, I'm angry. I'll rather agree with you and it's better the wife of the neighbor that reported to me tells the wife of her toaster herself


Unwana Sunday Akpan
29 Oct

Well, that to me is not a bad idea of an advice. Some people are just so stupid. It is just a pity. So shameful.

Thanks for sharing. 



Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
29 Oct

This is hat many people doing. And this was a great lesson teached by one of the neighbour. If you have something, then why you should go for others. Just limit yourself to your ones not try to reach the others.


Emmanuel Isang
29 Oct

Hmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔..... funny I think what you told him is okay.....let him exercise patience


Emmanuel Isang
29 Oct

I really don't understand the question....the man went to ask his neighbor wife for relationship or what???


Chidiebere Christian
29 Oct

Hehehe! You have him a perfect advice. Let the affected husband go and ask the suspect's wife out. Period 😁😁


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