What Will Artificial Intelligence Change In Our Lives?

Artificial intelligence is one of the areas that occupy the agenda of the technology world most recently and receive the most investment. While some of the experts on the subject support artificial intelligence studies, the other part thinks that artificial intelligence will bring the end of humanity. So, what will artificial intelligence change in our lives?

A new business world will be created

In many parts of the world, artificial intelligence supported devices have started to be used for different business groups. In addition, these devices have many advantages. First of all, life and occupational safety problems are eliminated, the devices are not limited to working hours and they work continuously for 24 hours. Therefore, it provides much more efficiency than humans. Artificial intelligence supported devices will be more preferred in the business world and will be effective in the management of the works after a while.

All vehicles will be autonomous

Automotive is one of the sectors that places the greatest emphasis on artificial intelligence studies. Major automotive giants started to introduce autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles to the market. In the following years, we will see more driverless vehicles and even all vehicles will be produced driverless after a while.


As a result of 5G infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT) studies, many artificial intelligence-supported devices can connect and communicate. This is a great revolution for humanity. In the following years, artificial intelligence supported devices will be able to do many of our daily work and will become our biggest helpers.

Robot athletes will compete

The encounter between the former world champion and chess master Garri Kasparov and the artificial intelligence supported device has recently come to the world agenda. Because Kasparov, who had not been defeated by anyone for 15 years, this time was defeated by an artificial intelligence supported robot. Artificial intelligence supported devices will be more capable than humans. Therefore, we will have the opportunity to watch these devices in various fields and different competitions.

To be used in space studies

The distance between human and space will be shortened by artificial intelligence devices. Artificial intelligence studies and space studies will be integrated and a new era will begin. Especially the studies and first examples on space mining managed to attract a lot of attention at this point.

Our health will be constantly monitored

Artificial intelligence supported wearable technology products continue to develop day by day. Investments in these devices that calculate the calories we spend from our heart and breathing rhythm will also increase. In addition, wearable technology products will constantly check our personal health.


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