What Uptrennd means to me❓

Greetings to the Uptrennd family;

So here I am to share my views about the topic suggested by our respected guardian Navi;

What Uptrennd means to me?

It means everything to me; you may not analyze this honest opinion but this is true about my relationship with Uptrennd.

I was introduced here to spend my leisure time and to invest my efforts instead of getting the skills being rusted;

But surprise what I got?

Best mentor;

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Many people will argue that the foremost, purpose for joining Uptrennd is earning but for me, there is a big no for this;

If I had to fulfill only this purpose multiple sites are there where you can earn by posting plagiarized content and through spammy comments but Uptrennd is unique in this purpose; here only quality is supported and quality is expected too;

​a nest;

So for me, it's like a nest where hatchlings are provided nourishment and are encouraged to start their flight as a free bird.

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a school!

Before commencing my journey I didn't know even A:B: C of crypto 😆 but now I can announce that I know very well the L; M; N; O:P of crypto; so this credit goes to Uptrennd which motivated me to discover new skills of mine; I didn't hang around on writing; instead I demonstrated my capabilities to each field; fashion designing;  art; photography; memes; graphic designing and much more so for me its the school where I have been taught the outstanding skills.

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​motivational niche!

Still, I may find it hard to communicate but through the comment section and discussing with another fellow I  discovered an awesome family where each member belongs to a different place; having a different lifestyle but our thoughts are unique and we inspire each other with our writings.

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​sacred place;

Hence it's like a holy place where everyone can dwell without any restriction.

Here I was guided and instructed how to succeed every one uses to regret the pandemic time but it gave me Uptrennd and some precious friends who made me realize the true value of friendship; where I apply to show the certificate of my skills I love to introduce my name as Uptrenndian.

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I don't bother about the rates; still my foremost, choice is Uptrennd; it's the priority where I check my notification earlier than WhatsApp messages 😊 yes it's true;

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Platform for learning and earning;

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Yes it happened; it gave me the reward of my hard work; I remember the popularity I got after winning multiple contests; in practical life, I had the trophy in my academic career but here attaining the success motivated me to do some extra effort; thereby Uptrennd means a ladder to me which has no limits; with the help of it, you can even glide to the moon.

Uptrennd gained the best place in my heart as love;

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Multiple times I was rebuked for not giving time to the family;

But who is going to tell them that I was in love;

To whom who provoked me;

Who refined my creativity;

Assembled the confidence in me;

I was addicted to Uptrennd;

I am addicted to Uptrennd;

And I will be addicted;

No matter how the society 🤑 behaved:

You are my tutor and counselor;

Dear Uptrennd;

I make prayers for your success and growth.

See ​full dedication Here

It's my entry to the contest being Held by Navi sir; secure your Entry

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Bitmoji is my creation;

All the images being used in the video are downloaded from a free image source that's ​Unsplash;

​meme is also creation 

Badges are the gift of Uptrennd university.

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Adore Eu
07 Mar

May your prayers for successand growth of uptrend be heard. I believe in uptrend too. Thank God  you learnt a lot from uptrend, its like a home to me


Ayesha Malik
07 Mar

Thanks a lot, mam for your good wishes;

Yes we all have a firm belief in Uptrennd❤

Stay blessed 


Soni Rajput R
07 Mar

This is the best and blasts💣 💣 💣 entry into the contest. You described the fabulous about uptrennd. you are already a very talented girl only some things you gain from the uptrennd platform.  Inshallah, you won this contest. Best of luck 


Ayesha Malik
07 Mar

Hahahha I amp laughing 😁 was this complement meant for me🤗

Thanks for your good wishes;

More powers to you🤩


Fariha Khan
07 Mar

I have nothing to say except,you nailed it dearie.

After your entry,i think i'm cleaned bowled from this contest😎This is amazing.

More powers to you.


Ayesha Malik
07 Mar

Yeah,🥳🥳🥳thanks for admiring my skills;

Hahaha not at all you are going to get success in sha Allah🤩

Stay blessed 🤭


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
07 Mar

Uptrennd is providing a great plateform for those who want to improve and practice their skills and shape up their talents. Its really becoming our new reality for us because we learn alot from this plateform and understand our capabilities fully. 

This is really an impressive entry for the contest and you explained uptrennd so well. 

Nice writeup mam. 


Ayesha Malik
08 Mar

My guts got polished by getting such warmth appreciation and reward of hard work.

I have discovered new skills of mine.

It's an honor for me to have your words of acknowledgment🤩🌺🤭 

Hopefully, I wouldn't let down this confidence in you:


preview not available Arslan .
07 Mar

There is no doubt that uptrennd is the house of Quality. Which gives crowds who love this platform an opportunity to show their essence by recognizing their inner potential. ✨✨✨

You are a very fine writer and you write every article with tremendous intensity. This is a very excellent entry. I hope you win this contest.🔥🔥❤️


Ayesha Malik
08 Mar

Possibly yes for this manner of uncovering the inner potential of my,

I am honored to get appreciation from another remarkable writer 😁

Hopefully, the judgment will be on my side 😆😂

Thanks for your time.







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