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I am gonna participate in the contest by our beloved guardian Navi. If you want to come in please click the link and read essentials for participating in a contest arranged by Navi ❤️.

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What is Uptrennd? 

Uptrennd is a blockchain based most populous platform of the world. It is the platform that encourages the writers and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts by paying them into 1UP that's a decentralized currency which we can easily exchange through Uniswap and Probit.

What Is the purpose of Uptrennd?

Uptrennd is the platform that is running hand to hand with Uptrennd University. It is the place where the skills of the people are polished and the most skilled people are paid and engaged to the people all over the world. They learn by staying at the same rooms and same conferences. By writing articles on the platform improves their skills . 

Uptrennd Past ? 

Uptrennd had been a great home for million people. We grew so much that it's about sending 1 post per 5 Seconds. It means there were nearly 12 posts per minute and all the posts and comments belonging to quality. We have been strong and 1UP all time high price has been $0.073 and it's massive.

Uptrennd Passion?

Uptrennd is the idea of Jeff Kerdeikis , a most wonderful man and ideal Person. He started this platform to provide people an opportunity to grow and improve their skills by specific Communities and Guardians. It is the most important thing of this platform to think. What a fabulous idea he hit upon. 

Uptrennd Motto?

Uptrennd is the second name of quality. It discourages hateful content and irresponsible behaviors. It only supports quality and loyalty.

Uptrennd to Me?

I joined this platform last year in my May. I have been an active member of this platform who made so many low quality posts in the beginning and took 3 sessions in Uptrennd University. It improved my skills. I had to learn from my past and Polish myself for the future.

I was wasting my time on other social media platforms by watching tik tok videos and Facebook. My friends invited me and I started exploring my skills. I started it with my photography and finally it urged me to write about nature and the humanity.

Uptrennd provided me more than I desired.  I am thankful to Jeff that thousands of the people are learning and earning through his project.

Uptrennd Application?

As the matter of fact , I am waiting anxiously for app launch. When I see the beta testers using Uptrennd , I feel a little bit jealousy lol 😆😆. I want to be the first using the best ever app for our platform. As I have been seeing very beautiful snaps of it , I can't wait more about it.

1UP Price my reactions?

We know that we are facing continuous dip since September but it doesn't harm us. We know that prices remain in dips for years but when the project gets attention they boom and thrill all the markets.

We are at lowest but every lower thing ends at the top. Our CEO is working very well behind the scene. 

Uptrennd guarantees us about future. Application launch and contracts with different exchanges can make us boom in no time. We will be on the top and its my determination. 

Backbiting is not the property of a loyal Muslim but if we have some in our hearts we should reveal it. I have saved 1Ups for the good times. I am HODLinh as I was asked to HODL. Good times are ahead. We should be patient.

It was all about Uptrennd to me. I hope you enjoyed very well. Stay happy and keep smiling. 

Love you all.

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Uwem Ekanem
02 Mar

Nice entry brother. You have taken your pen down to tell us how uptrennd means to you. Uptrennd has means so much for me too because I have learn and earn a lot from this platform. Good entry and I wish you best of luck in the contest


Mubasher Mahdi
02 Mar

Come on. You have also opportunity to join us in the contest. Stay happy. We are looking forward to more entries.


preview not available Emaan Ali
02 Mar

Lovely entry brother✌🏼

Uptrennd means everything for us, I know most of the users left the platform due to the low rate, but the loyal ones can't leave the platform. Good luck.


Mubasher Mahdi
02 Mar

Obviously Mam... The platform needs loyal users. We are on the way of perfection. One day they will realize to the actual worth of their time they have wasted. We should stay determined. Thank you very much Api for coming to my post. Stay happy.❤️❤️


preview not available Navi .
02 Mar

Great! I can see loyalty a hodler, an active participant of contests and events and being fully engaged in platform. 


Mubasher Mahdi
02 Mar

Absolutely sir you can because you yourself are the most active person of this platform. I always appreciate your love for Uptrennd and I wonder how you can handle everything being an engineer. Always genius person you are.


preview not available etson arrantes
03 Mar

Great words from loyal fellow! Yes, we are one big family and we all enjoying to be here 🙏 🙏 As far as i see Uptrennd became a lifesytle for you, just like us.. 


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

Great and lovely experience witnessed . You had best vision about the uptrennd , its values , past and future with relevant questions. 

All the best for contest







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