What Uptrennd Means To Me(~_^).Contest Organized By Guardian @Navy

Greetings To All.... 

How Are you All.. HOPE healthy And happy. Enjoy. 

First of all I want to appreciate The Dear Guardian @Navi who Organized this contest.

Uptrennd now a days is a very good platform for all of us specially if I explain my angle of uptrend then listen what uptrennd  means to me...! 

I was stay on various platform and doing working there but suddenly one year ago my friend send me a link and said that join it. When I visited and then join.When I opened link I Watch A Logo of uptrennd."U".

I think the meaning of U according to me is Ultimate.

 And I start doing work there. In the start I don't take it seriously because at that time uptrennd needs very improvement and one day I watch the post of Sir Jeff that uptrennd run fast after few days and I feel happy that doing work is now become easy. He Did. 

After that I am regular active hare. In the Start I'm very confuse but later I learned lot of things. Hare are followings;>

Strong Connection Built Good Relationship:-

In the start of this journey I have no friend hare and connection with anyone. Gradually I start to follow the Guardians and Star of Uptrend.By doing work hare consistency I found many friends.They are very admirable.Friend are the most part of our life you know. After sometimes I am happy to make good connection with people hare and amazing thing hare is that they belong to different part of country.i enjoy to built relationship out of country friends. 

Chance Of Improvement:-

I have done many mistakes hare but with the passage of time and help of the friends.They guide me and tell where I'm doing mistake by their lovely and helpful feedback comment.Sometime I mistake in my content then Through their feedback I improve my mistakes and move on. 

Courage And Motivation:-

In life every one is inspired by someone if a human doing good and someone disappointed him or her then he or she stop doing that work. But on Uptrend no such thing.People like your content and give their feedback and motivate you. By getting motivation it helps us to do work with more hardworking. We feel happy and courage by their love.

Source Of Entertainment:-

You are think how..?yes.  Uptrend is source of entertainment for us. When I watch hare new talent belong to different categories that was very entertainment for me.Like facebook and other platform uptrend is a entertainment platform.

Talent Show Off:-

No body know it's value. Everyone in this world has a unique talent. Some are God Gifted But Some discovered it. Being myself I don't know.But I will get this opportunity by the Help of Uptrend. Specially when a contest is held then everybody show his or her talent .i feel happy that how talented people are hare. I'm happy to see myself working with them. 

Equality And No Favouritism:- Uptrennd has equality and no favoritism is found here that's why I like most when favoritism  found in any criteria of life some people love you but majority of people hate you but hare everyone appreciate you if you work hard and good content uptrend is a equality for all of us.

Choosing of Good Opinion:-

When I am feelings nervous to make a decision about anything I take the help of friends they suggest me to take right decision. It is very helpful for me. All the hare Guardians and People are very helpful, good and cooprative.

Latest Currency Information:-

Currently issue of currency and best things about currency is share hare. In this cool environment we easily believe everyone because uptrend like a family 👪. And save us from the scam. Money saved in this way. 

On uptrend people provide their knowledge and experience. Uptrend no doubt is world wide platform.

At the End..... Once Again... 

This is my entry in the contest.



Header image From The Post Of @Navy. 

If you want to participate, click the contest link ​@NAVI



Suman Naz
04 Mar

Right dear.

Uptrennda is agood platform. There is a lot of new learning here. Now all the people working at uptrennd are also lovely.Best  of  luck  for  this contest.


Lubna Rao
04 Mar

Yeah. Thank you for wishes 


Uwem Ekanem
04 Mar

Nice entry brother. Uptrennd has mean so much to us and this contest has make us to express our mind toward uptrennd. I wish you best of luck in the contest


Lubna Rao
04 Mar

Thank you. Dear.. Sir... 


Aleza Noor Noor
04 Mar

Nice entry brother. Uptrennd has mean a lot to us and this contest has make us to express our mind toward uptrennd. I desire you first-rate of luck within the contest


Lubna Rao
04 Mar

Thank you for your feedback


Lubna Rao
04 Mar

Don't copy paste comment... Dear.. It's spam.. 


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
04 Mar

I am glad to know that you feel good in Uptrennd and that you have also built good relationships with other users, for my part I want to congratulate you, because I consider that you are doing a good job.
I recommend that you continue like this because uptrennd is great and it will continue like this, thanks to everyone's work


Lubna Rao
05 Mar

Thank You [email protected] Arturo pulido anduzeza. 

And yes sir I'm consist hare and always try to give my best. 

ThanKS for the motivation and appreciate. 


preview not available etson arrantes
04 Mar

Well written! And yes we have found lots of new friends in Uptrennd world.. And also we all showed our specialities in our contents.. We are too lucky to be here!


Lubna Rao
05 Mar

Thank you [email protected] arranged.  For Give Me Appreciation and Motivation. 







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