What type of anger do you have?


Anger is a very strong feeling that is oriented towards some real or supposed grievance /grudge. Most times this feeling leads to unpredictable events and having the possession of controlling its influence is one thing  that should be learned. Although a lot of situations can make us react furiously, we should learn to understand that it's completely normal because otherwise we could end up having grudges that are inturn pointless and rather exhausting.

1. Silent. 

This is when we keep it cool with people who have changed our mood and feelings by not reacting and keeping quiet as if nothing happened. This inturn can cause us to be depressed if this continues for a prolonged period.

2. Shout:

This is when we make especially complaints or other sort of angry statements with or in a loud voice to express the degree to which we have been angered. Usually, many people will not want to associate with people with this character.

3. Walk away:

To walk away when angered is usually a sign of understanding and great corporation which is a sign of intelligence. Most times, when people are angered, they will really want to retaliate especially in that same moment when they still feel angered. Walking away is one of the best choice although this should be followed with good intentions rather than keeping a grudge.

4. Cry.

This is normally associated with the weak souls. People who cry while angered usually believe that crying can relieve them from this sad feeling and in thd process, can help them forgive their adversaries.

With that being said, what type of anger do you have?



Felix Akpan
05 Nov

I always remain silent when am sad then walk away from the scene. I think 1 and 3 is normal for me.


Chibuike Ugwu alien
04 Nov

I'm a calm person and anytime I'm angry I usually exhibit number 1 and 3 but I normally shout sometimes upon provocation. 


Donkyzhang Nobert
04 Nov

Huh!.... Shouting is normal upon being angered but this is usually when we are angered to the max of our temper and may end in violence as well


Raja 79
04 Nov

in anger if there is water available I use to drink some water to reduce my anger.almost when I have anger I use 3rd type narrated by you.due to my anger at once I have to change my place and go away from that spot.


Anees Khalid
04 Nov

I don't have anger at all but if it happens sometimes then i belong to Silent and walk away categories as these are the best solution to not hurt others while in anger


Fatima Joyo
04 Nov

Well it all depends on my mood and what kind of situation is that.. because when i am angry at my closest person i shout and then start crying when i am angry with any random person best choice is that i keep quit and walk away..

Most of the time i want to keep quit because my anger is really bad everyone is afraid of that ..

But best thing is that we should control our anger and walk away rather than shouting and making other person hurt. 


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