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08 Nov
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What Technique Will Help Us To Grow Uptrennd Post Upvotes

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javier arturo pulido andueza 6 months ago

We must all unite so that uprennd grows, and we must trust that everything that is happening will be for good, remember that uptrennd there is a very good team, which has been solving every detail, so that the platform is better every day

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

Agreed with you completely but we need upvotes system betterness or the 1UPtoken price raise to atleast dollar then all well.

Samuel Izu 6 months ago

I am sorry to say this but you are among those that never see any reason to read and upvote another persons vote but can create 10 post or more per day but tank God that there is a regulation now . maximum of 3post per day. I think the new regulations are trying to teach us some key factors in life, our relationship with one another is important another key factor is gaining information from our post not just to upvote and go but information is key .so Mr Javier Arturo good to have you in this community

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

My dear if you are talking such thing about me that I just upvote without reading and create 10 posts per day etc then you should check my profile. Picture will clear and I am not a commenter who just like good bad awesome my comments are briefed and related to post or issue.

Samuel Izu 6 months ago

Hello omer the message was not meant for you but Javier and he has responded

Sorry for that

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

Sorry dear it's my mistake.

javier arturo pulido andueza 6 months ago

Thanks Samuel Izu, you are right, in what you say, there are few times that I vote, but if I read the publications, and vote for those that are of interest to me, if I have overlooked voting for good publications, and I accept your correction, I will try to improve on that Thank you the truth is that I learn from my mistakes.

SaMi Chowdhury 6 months ago

I also don't understand suddenly what happened,except few members rest of others members content upvote condtion is very less...

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

Yes that's my point too that only few members muted or left but overall upvote system is destruct only few upvotes with an effortful post will not attract new comments the only survival is commenting too much on other post but meaningful will give you some points.

Idea Clipper 6 months ago

I just want to repeat my comments .in response to @victoria.. on yesterday's this post

This is not the only reason... i saw a similar post today and my comment were

"Admins/moderators have taken strict actions now and also have muted many accounts and rejecting withdrawals... Admins/moderators believe that there is a so called theory of Vote4Vote .. so everyone is now afraid and reluctant to vote others..... if it remains few days more...many users will left uptrennd" 

Victoria its serious issue... when we have rules of 3 upvotes... don't frighten so much to users... I don't want to be alone here

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

If Victoria said this thing then she is wrong because you are in my subscribe list I read your three post and it like then upvote it's not vote4vote it's normal thing. Rest sir Jeff will clear all thing and I will tell him that he make a post about such situation so the people fear out because we can see a post of hundreds views with 5 upvotes. Totally abnormal and not good for platform. We want to grow Uptrennd but such situation will decrease the users.

Idea Clipper 6 months ago

agreed dear... when these updates launched ... i also wrote a post..about frustration of users.. you may read it


Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

Yes I read your post of two edge sword.

Jansen Admin 6 months ago

Personally I would like to see more upvoting on commenting. I think a strong social media platform will thrive from an active comment section. If people have ideas how to increase commenting, please feel free to suggest them. 

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

You don't need to go anywhere the best way to increase comments you reduce upvotes simple theory but it's very hard compare to post.

Jansen Admin 6 months ago

You mean reduce upvotes for posts and increase them for comments? 

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

Yes because people need money no matter from post or comments but in comments you engaged whole day almost while in post just sometime. And if you earn from comments then other person must upvote your comments like me if meaningful and same you can upvote my comments if you think it's deserve. Then I will earn too.

Jansen Admin  6 months ago

Also think commenting is undervalued. Many members have hesitance to create an entire OC post. While in commenting you engange as well, can ask questions, and is a low-entry form of writing & creating. Exchanging opinions and ideas with people all over the world.
And is fun when you wrote an OC pos that people not only upvote but also read it and comment. That is an extra personal reward for your work and can lead to more followers.

We will think of some commenting incentives.

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

With commenting you can earn 40-50% more points dear I have experience now a days when post are giving very few but commenting give high fruit.

Becky Ruvare 6 months ago

I'm reading all the comments here and I can tell everyone is kinda disturbed with the high decrease in the number of votes per post, I don't really understand why this is happening for sure, it's crazy how there's such  an issue

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

It's very big issue may be sir Jeff is not here and in Malta for blockchain summit and team Uptrennd awaiting of his arrival then the issue resolve.







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