What should you do if a hippo is chasing you?

Above is the picture of a gamekeeper in Uganda fearfully running away from a hippo. Luckily, the man survived, but this is still a situation you DO NOT want to be in.

Hippopotamuses are some of the most dangerous animals in the world, as they can be unpredictably irritated and will become aggressive easily.

They have a jaw strength of around 1825 psi, the largest of any land animal on the planet. That is around the same strength as slamming your head into a pile of bricks at 20 mph.

Also, hippos can run at a speed of 19 mph. To put that in comparison, the average human can run at 12–15 mph. So, it would take a massive burst of speed to outrun a hippopotamus.

Don’t go fooling around near these creatures, you reallydon’t want to end up being chased by one of them.



Tunde Adegboro
17 May

Hippopotamus is an aggressive animal and very deadly too. But how do we survive it attack 


Cool Boy .
17 May

Such a nice information related Hippo. No doubt this a strong and dangerous animal if it comes to chase you. Take care of this type of situation


Ezekiel Gbenga
17 May

Thank you for the message and yes you are right .

Keep winning 


Liliana Correa
17 May

if they are mammals cataloged to kill more humans being classified as very lethal animals and more when they open their huge mouths as it is a sign of attack.


Ezekiel Gbenga
17 May

That is nice message from you and yes you are right.

Stay safe 


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