What Rights Do You Have in Norway?

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What is the right to purchase?

Purchase right is, in short, the rules that apply if a dispute has arisen between the buyer and seller of an item. An object can be anything from a car, boat, motorhome, caravan to smaller products such as a mobile phone.

There are two different sets of rules that apply in purchase law cases. If you have purchased an item from a private individual, it is the Purchase Act. If you have bought an item from a retailer, the Consumer Purchase Act applies.

Errors and omissions must be assessed specifically

A defect is a concept of purchase law, which states that the item has a defect for which the seller is responsible. Not every mistake is a flaw. Errors that must be considered trivial are rarely a shortcoming. It must be considered specifically in each individual case.

If the item has a fault or defect, you have a number of rights. Your rights under the law are;

  • Cancellation of the purchase

  • Price reduction

  • Correction

  • Replacement

In order to be able to cancel a purchase, it is a prerequisite that the defect is serious. In the event of minor errors, the buyer often receives a price reduction. A price reduction means that you get back part of the purchase price. Correction or that the seller repairs faults is also an option.

If the seller chooses to repair the fault, it must happen almost immediately and you will not pay anything. Failing to sell it, he loses the opportunity to correct. In that case, the seller must agree to give you a discount on the price or cancel the purchase.


One of the most important things to do if you find that the item you bought is faulty is to advertise - let the seller know that something is wrong. Do this in writing.

If you have purchased the item from a private individual, there is an absolute complaint period of 2 years. If the item is purchased from a retailer, the deadline is 5 years.

Nevertheless, you must still advertise "within a reasonable time" from the time you discovered or should have discovered the defect. It is not a clear answer to what is "reasonable time". In consumer purchases, it is at least 2 months, this does not apply if you have bought the item from a private individual. You should therefore complain as soon as you discover that the item has a defect or defect.

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