What opportunities a community can invest in to grow the confidence of its youth?

Hello everyone I hope you guys are fine πŸ’œ

In my previous post, I tried to explain that why is it important for a community to listen to the Voice of its youth

And to help them gain confidence and passion to work for their goals and raise their voice

Without doing that a community can't have a bright future.

So in this post, we'll discuss how to do that.

A community can support the voice of its youth and make them confident by supporting themΒ 

By communicating with them, knowing them well since the age of 10,11,12 and soo

Not just wait for them to turn 18 and give them the adult tag.

Prepare them for this age make them mature and confident

Listen to their dreams try to encourage them to take part in activities that can be small but still plays a big role in giving them confidence.

You can arrange games, contests for them to enhance their skillsΒ 

Correct them with love when they do any mistake that's how they learn to share and to correct themselves

Let them be creative with their ideas don't demotivate them by saying that the ideas they have are foolish or impossible but instead, tell them how amazing and unique their ideas are and they'll work harder to make them come true and to show you that they deserve the appreciation.

Treat them with love and kindness, support them and let them grow, be their role model, let them do things independently, and be their support when they need a little helping hand.

That's how a youth gain confidence and shine brighter.

If you've any ideas or experience regarding this, feel free to share πŸ’œ


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preview not available Kamran Akbar
28 Feb

Wise people say, a person learn 80 percent from community and 20 percent from parents..

Your environment will influence you alot 


Ana Biya
01 Mar

Exactly and it's the responsibility of the elders of the community to help the youth grow πŸ’œ


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
01 Mar

In the same way, if we can't help a person, we can at least encourage him.And I believe that the younger generation leads to the development of a country


Ana Biya
01 Mar

Encouragement is also important because not encouraging them will leave them questioning their work and they'll lack confidence so it's best to encourage them πŸ’œ


Zainab Zaini
01 Mar

For the true future of young people, they should first give them a good self-confidence and an environment full of enthusiasm at home. So that their minds can sleep comfortably about the coming time and their future. Young people should never be broken, but they should encourage themselves to move forward in every effort.


Ana Biya
01 Mar

Some awesome ideas to encourage and support the youth in a community it will help them a lot πŸ’œ







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