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Love is a factor that has to do with the heart and mind.I call it love that touches our soul. Love is a passion. Love is a motivation and love is not just for a human being.Love is for everyone and has their place.

The fact that men and women are always attracted to each other is a natural problem. You would just fail to see her smile when you see her. You don't see her crying.It's love...

We believe in God more than we love ourselves. When He averted our troubles, we express our love towards Him.

Love for parents.See that none of us want to lose our parents no matter how much they scold us.This is love for parents.

Love is for brothers and sisters, we are incomplete without them.And I love them.

I love the place apart from relationships, just like I love my home so much I don't want to leave it anywhere, just like the beautiful valleys that make you happy..This is because of love.

I also love things like I love my clothes and perfume and books I can't give these to anyone this is my possession or something because I love them.I love them because tthese are dearly Captivate the soul.

Love is for eating. The taste that attracts us to it is love, nor is food love,The colors would have lost us inside, our eyes would have been captivated and it would have been so attractive that we just lose our balance. 

We love children, we don't let them go away from us, and playing with them, talking to them is a sign of love.

Love is for the profession and I love my profession the most as much as it is difficult but love is and I could give my life for it and in the same way I love the country.

Love is for self-love that I love my self no matter what anyone else says but this love encourages me..love always leads to positivity and love is not just for one person love is for everyone,What is love to you ??




hassan raza
25 Nov

you'r right Love is unconditional and makes you feel good on the inside. You can trust the person you love and are comfortable around them. It's like your heart tells you that it is good for you.


Adegbe Gift
25 Nov

Love comes from the heart and mind, when someone profess love it means it came from his or her heart, it is not controllable. Love for human, love for profession, love for things, they all come from the heart and mind


Usman Abdulazeez
25 Nov

Love does not only mean having a affair with a female gender but rather 
a great interest and pleasure in something.


Syed Inayat shah
25 Nov

Love is the most powerful and full of emotions. Love is not only for humans but its also for animals. But the humans love is the most expensive and their is strong emotions and feelings for other. We should respect those who have feelings and emotions for us


Moscom Moses
25 Nov

This strong emotion and affection we possess can be transfer to anyone and anything.

Let's share and spread love







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