What life is this ?

 Life is not all about appearance because appearance may not have enough ability to transfer the real picture about a person, a thing, a behavior or whatever. The outer form deceives us as people hundred of times, yet the inner feeling can't do that unless people got trained to fake their sentiment. If a person is sympathetic and kind, he is deceived by people. On the contrary, if one is tricky and wicked, he himself will deceive others. Therefore, life is between and about two basic things good and bad. Wherever you go, you meet kind easygoing people and evil villain people. In life, people are divided into two major categories : victims and criminals. And if you look for the reasons behind that, you'll be astonished with the results. People who are kind in most time tend to keep silent and lose their obligatory rights. On the other hand, there are people who are selfish and willing to fight the world only to get everything in one go. So each one in this lower life does and acts his scene well. Weak people are the ones who are controlled by their envy, jealousy, and hatred. Yet the strong people are the forgiver ones who get rid of all those bad things and get started to turn a new page of their book. Some people are difficult to be dealt with since when you forgive them to commit mistakes or hurt you, they consider you a weak person who can't take revenge. Only respond them by saying what can I do, the place of envying people is filled with you, so I decided to be in the column of kind ones. 







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