What is universe ?

Many people and think that what is universe.i will telling you what is universe.Everything that is found on earth and beyond is infinite.All these stars and planets, this earth, its plants and animals, you and I are all in the universe.And the Big Bang will explode.Spread the universe everywhere.Then, after a long time, fragments and galaxies still came together at great speed to form galaxies.Are being separated from each other and thus the universe is expanding and growing.You have also been created from the material from which a star is formed.There are huge clusters of stars in space which are called galaxies.The galaxies are now larger than each other.They are rapidly disintegrating and such universes are becoming very large.



Malik Asad Riaz
19 Aug

Great fact and figures about earth 🌎 and planet. 

Short and concise introduction. 


Kunle Gabby
19 Aug

Well said, the universe consist of every in this world and beyond, the stars, galaxies, space and even all other planets that exist.


Muhammad Zulfiqar
19 Aug

Wow very informative and amazing post, it increases my knowledge about universe. 


Segun Charles
19 Aug

Universe is a very big concept just as you described it. Hahah. Sometimes, what I do probe into is that, how were they all formed and perfectly put in place? The galaxies is enough to pause and wonder. 


Shahzad Khan
19 Aug

Really we made of that material form which star came into existence. Amazing to know


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