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What is Original Content?

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St3v3 T88888 2 weeks ago

Love it, doing OC correctly with your own content in your own words is the way forward on Uptrennd

Luke Brenland 2 weeks ago

It is man, for me thats the only way haha

Smokey Crabtree 2 weeks ago

One of my favorite things about Uptrennd is the separation of Original Content, and being able to see what has been sponsored. Other social media has that to some extent, but it’s more like fine print than the bold ribbon it gets here. The bulk of the machine is here.

Luke Brenland 2 weeks ago

Awesome :D Yeah Uptrennd is definitely meant for Original Content. Its okay to share links but theres no personal touch and that defeats the point for me lol

Betty Ozemoje 2 weeks ago

Nice one Luke. thank you for clarifying us on what OC should look like

Luke Brenland 2 weeks ago

There will be more posts coming about OC and Non OC too :)

Juliet Mafi 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the tip of creating Oc it very helpful. I am just learning myself to create OC

Luke Brenland 2 weeks ago

Good to hear and your doing well :) before i jjoined uptrennd in january id never even created an image on paint haha

Jan Bouda 2 weeks ago

If you write OC for the first time, it may be something challenging but as time goes by, you will gain speed, efficiency and you will definitely see much more upvotes than in shared links. Great post Luke, congrats.)

Luke Brenland 2 weeks ago

Looking forward to your post about OC mate :)







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