What is Life...?

Goof afternoon guys .. I hope everyone is working hard today and enjoying 2UP to the fullest

 What is life ? 

Life is also a bouquet of flowers Life is like the smile of a smiling 

child Life is also in danger of risking his life to show the perfection of his art in the circus .

Life is a house of difficulties. Life is also a threshold of happiness It is difficult to define a single definition of life 

But if man wants, he can create conveniences for himself and can also call life ease So we have to make our own life and the definition of life ourselves. Find your own way. For me life is an art is the name of living my style I have always seen and felt life through the eyes of art

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Sana Ullah
13 Oct

Life is the journey ups and down is the parts of life we don't loss hope and keep working


Faiza Riaz
13 Oct

Life is the name of journey in which we have to do just struggle. We can make it esy by doing struggle.


Anthony Eri
13 Oct

A good definition of life you have given for yourself. It shows how precious art means to you. To me, I see life as an opportunity to create an impact on my family and on humanity in general. This is my personal definition of life!


Abid Hassan
13 Oct

Life is about thinking, wondering, brainstorming, and not just remaining alive but unconscious. After all, that's what we expect a Coma patient .


Hira Shah
13 Oct

Good afternoon to you too..

Life is like a book which is full of easy and hard lessons some time it give you hard lessons for learn how to never give up and sometimes it's give you easy lesson of your success.







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