What Is Happening with Ontology (ONT)?

One of the projects from 2019 that have been relatively quiet in 2020 is Ontology, marker ONT. This project had some great gains in 2019, but has recently followed the trend in trading and came off a low of $.27 earlier in 2020 to it's current position at $.84, due in part to several events that have happened as of late.

First, Ontology has partnered up with WAVES chain to develop cross-chain interoperability, which brings ONT into the WAVES ecosystem. The ONT token will also be traded on the WAVES platform as well, giving it another input/output point.

Another development that Ontology is working on is the usage of NFT's for purchase of tickets for events. If this was to take off, users could buy NFT tokens that relate to sporting events, movies, concerts or anything that involves ticketing, perhaps even airlines.

Ontology holders can also stake their ONT for ONG, the gas that is created by holding ONT. This gives Ontology a great case for holding, although the question remains, will Ontology continue to develop and get their products out to the general public?

One of the most important things for a crypto startup to develop is getting their product on the market and in the hands of the people. Will ONT make it? That remains to be seen.

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28 Aug

Thanks for this great information about ontology.


̶S̶h̶a̶k̶e̶e̶l̶ .
28 Aug

Even though I don't know a lot about ONT token or its back-up project but after this post I'm going to search about it in details!! thanks for sharing this with us..!!


Ifeanyi Obasi
28 Aug

It's not a popular coin/token am just hearing about it, I will read their White paper to know more.


Safari Bangz
28 Aug

I have not even heard of ONT before now.. Well thanks for sharing this article with us. I have learned what ONT and ONG is ..


Ab Farhan
28 Aug

ONT is great project. i am holding it since last month. looking forward to this


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Ontology is a high performance public blockchain and distributed collaborative platform. It anables a decentralized network environment that solves key issues of identity security and data integrity. Data sharing and productive collaboration is maximized by assuring that users can trust one another.


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