BlockDesk is a Blockchain platform which will bring the industry together!


Our main goal is to provide expert services such as: development, marketing, project management, education, and much much more, to the industry.


How do we plan to do this?

We are launching a platform which will utilise our token (BD token) & also the USDC token.

These will both be integrated onto the platform to allow escrow style payments to be made by CEO’s, project leaders and anybody within or outside of the industry.

Due to our unique USDC smart contract we create a safe environment for both the services provider and the client/customer!


If clients use our native token then a smaller fee is charge which incentives everyone to use the BD token.



We at BlockDesk want to become a go to website for everybody who is in the crypto industry and who is interested in getting involved in it also. This is why we are adding many cool features to the platform which include:


  • News (written by our experts and vetted by the team)

This means no hype, no fake news, no shilling, no paid news

  • Project reviews

All reviews are also done by our clients (we know that competitors of this services focus heavily on paid reviews and we are against this!) Thus only our experts may write the reviews and each review goes though a thorough vetting process also.

  • BlockDesk trading bot (more info soon)

  • Education – if you wish to learn about crypto, trading or even if you are the CEO of a company and wish to enter the industry then we will have someone who can guide you and advise you on the best way to do so.

  • STAKING (coming soon)

  • OTC desk (coming soon)




Our initial launch happened a few years aback and we had over 2000 people who signed up for our beta launch.

This was a successful launch but there are many things which have changed since and initially we was just a review platform which focused on providing quality reviews without any shilling, or payments (a service which was crucial during the wild days of 2017-2018)

Now in 2020 the industry is different and utility is KING! So we have completely re-branded, made some incredible partnerships, had some investors take a shine to our new development and now are going to connect the Blockchain industry together by giving access to experts in our industry to everyone!



 We are on the final stages of our development and only a few months away from launch. Soon we will accept early access sign up to the platform, for all of you to get a feel of it and get your user names early.


Our mission is to unite and create a true utility not for only our token but also for other tokens. (More info coming soon)



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Connecting the Industry





Zaman Niazi
23 Jun

Well this platform is looking to be useful in future I am waiting for it to be launched very soon please keep us up to date about it


Block Desk
23 Jun

We sure will! Some exciting times ahead!


Abdur Razzaq
23 Jun

Bringing close to different industrial marketing units, provide them safe friendly environment is indeed of the current digital WORLD.

We shold take edge to participate abd  involve PEOPLE in it for our upcoming competitive future.

Its very informative article you have shared with us 

Thanks for valuables lines. 


Toseef Nawaz
23 Jun

Please guide us and keep us update about this

Very good information you have given 

May Allah shower his blessing on you on this 2UP tuesday 


Block Desk
23 Jun

Thank you Toseef.

We are launching this year! so weill keep everyone posted


Toseef Nawaz
23 Jun

It's looks great platform

Thanks for sharing good information 

Maybe I will use this

But I did not know about that before

Allah bless you 


Block Desk
23 Jun

Join us on twitter and telegram to make sure you are upto date:)


Grace Nwatu
23 Jun

Blockdesk sure seem very promising. I look forward to its smooth operations. Please let us know  as soon as the early sign up begins. I'm excited


Block Desk
23 Jun

We sure will:) More news commign in the next few months.

Join us on twitter and telegram to make sure you are upto date:)







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