Jan Bouda Jan
24 Jul
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What is a passive income on Uptrennd?

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Jeff Kirdeikis 8 months ago

Super well written.

You highlight fantastically well one of the main reasons Uptrennd was created ---
To be an opportunity for people to earn a thriving income online,
To have free time to live their lives,
To be ultimately free.

Slaving at an unfulfilling job is no ones wish.
Uptrennd's ambition is to create an alternative for people ready to break free.

Itliker Shadda 8 months ago

great abition we are growing so fast due to our vision and ambitions keep it up

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

We are growing fast. Now the focus in also on quality growth. I really appreciate your support and engagement Shadda. 

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

That is one of the most upvoted comments below any of my post. Thanks Jeff. I totally agree with you. Regular jobs have a lot of disadvantages plus there are lot of hours that aren't paid to employees. Once I saw one post in a store, where it was said: People who work hard, don't have time to make money; it made me think because it's a reality of the great majority of people.

Sharon Moran 8 months ago

The more I learn about why and how Uptrennd came into existence, the more I like it. A good path you've chosen!

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

All of us have an unlimited potential here on Uptrennd.

Elena Demou 8 months ago

Wow Jan. This was excellent! A lot of people can benefit from supplementing their income, and this is a great to do it! Awesome advice here!

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

I think income supplementation maybe the first phase for most of us but then Uptrennd may become our main income on the long run. As always I am very gratefull for all your support.

Lucas S 8 months ago

Great advice for passive income.  I especially like the part about passive income from Uptrennd =) 

This is a great way to stay active, learn more, and then earn more!

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

Uptrennding has a lot of advantages, not only the monetary part but also the learning bonus plus. I definitely learn here every day a lot of new, useful and cool stuff.

Aminu Idris 8 months ago

Thanks for this great article, this will enhance uptrenndian more active into the system

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

The passive income advantage and all the possible ways how to earn 1up tokens are great bonus plus of Uptrennding.

Robert Reed 8 months ago

Thanks for the well written article. Job security is becoming more unsteady everyday, so I think everyone should try to have at least one source of passive income. It is peace of mind at least. 

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

I think Robert as you said, we should have always have different options of income because nothing is granted today and Uptrennding means for me a lot of growth potential in many different ways.


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