What if one inch stone hits the earth with speed of light 😱

You will be amazed to know that if an object hits to another object with a too much high speed then this is a destruction sign.

As you have heard that when a bird hits to an aeroplane then there is a great damage to aeroplane.

Now let's suppose if a Needle or one inch stone or Astroid hits to the Earth with the speed of light then what you think what will happen.....?

I will tell you that many of small Astroids burns their Mass itself in the atmosphere of earth because of air resistance ,tiny particles friction.

Now let's suppose if there is no air resistance and tiny particles resistance in atmosphere of earth and then suddenly a Needle or small one inch stone hits the earth then what will happen....? 

The Answer of this question is here that if there is no resistance and no friction in atmosphere of earth and suddenly a Needle or small one inch stone hits to earth then the whole Earth will blast and nothing will be there remaining. Every single particle of earth will be destroy in that Result.

You should be well known that every single Earth's atmosphere destroys many small Astroids before reaching to Earth.

You should be amazed at that how much perfection is there on Earth and in this universe. I will say that Only God is there who gave us atmosphere and different layers of atmosphere on Earth to protect us from such Astroids. We should thankful to the God..✨✨💫💫🌟🌟

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Asim Alvi
10 Jan

Asteroid really before hitting the earth give some damaged to Ozon also when they hit there speed is more than the speed of light, also they have composites of metallic matter after a term as the iron vice verse 


Ram Ladhani
11 Jan

i dont know before so thanks for sharing its new informatics post for me 

And stay blessed 


Rao Uzair
11 Jan

Suppose the needle is coming to us from space. And it is moving with the speed of light, so it needs energy to keep it at the same speed, if it getting the energy from its mass so its mass is decreasing at every instant , does it remains 'needle' when it reaches on the surface of earth??







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