From the time a person is born, he always encounters obstacles and difficulties, even if he is born with a gold and silver spoon in his mouth, but life at some point or another creates obstacles for him.

Every human being overcomes obstacles. And everyone wants to get rid of but it can happen if we think positive.

Lets come to the topic that If you have everything what will you do for others ???

If I would have all the wealth, money, everything, I would first take away all the worries from my parents and throw them away and buy all the happiness with money and put it in their footsteps.So that the diseases, the difficulties in which they are suffered from,Although I could cure all of them.

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If I would have wealth and everything in my hand, I would give justice to all those who were abused, where men and women were abused, I would give justice to all of them because if you have money, you can do anything.

If I would have money and no shortage,as an Orphan I would inherit the property of the orphans and return my property to them because when the father left, I would not allow anyone else to endure the hardships that I have had to endure.

As a medical student I would build a hospital that would have all kinds of treatment and it was only for the poor where the father would not go to the hospital because the doctors would rob him. I would build a system where all the older,children would be the same without any fee.

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If I would have money, I would build a mosque where children could get the religious education and increase their inclination towards religion.

If I would have the money I would build a site like Jeff's that would be a source of income for millions of people so that they could support themselves and their children.

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If I would have money, I would buy happiness with this money and distribute it among the people.

If I would have money, I would fulfill the dreams of people who want to study but hunger and poverty do not allow them to go ahead. Fulfilling the dream of those who don't afford and want to become doctors but their resources and politicians and corrupt people do not allow them to come forward.

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I protect people who can neither feed themselves nor their children from committing suicide.

If I would have money and happiness, I would buy the whole world and put everything in the footsteps of my parents.

I wish it would happen one day.

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Ifiok Eso
18 Jan

Poverty is my most concern, if i have money and way, i drive poverty out of the world and give everyone especially the poor, a chance to live a better life...


akmal ali
18 Jan

I totally agree with you that in the world that is born man has to face many difficulties to move forward in life.If money came to me, I would first help the people in our house and take care of every problem of my parents and then I would help others and help the poor people in my village.


Top Np
18 Jan

People can't buy love even if they have money. Man can buy everything except love. But the important thing is that he works for the benefit of all.Your post is always meaningful and important mam.


Godswill Johnson
18 Jan

Indeed we're in the world filled with lots of pains and only those with empathy and sympathy response positively to the happenings around them.

I believe you can start from somewhere to meet your wishes even though you don't have much, start small with those around you and it's definitely gonna add a smile on your face on those you showed it to.


RinNy Mboro
18 Jan

If I have everything first as a medical student,I seek to promote health sector yo the best of my ability

I help people and make the society a home for all

Sometimes we wished  and imagine a whole lot but something will be lack in if one is to have it all







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