Hello, trenndverse.

Trust you had a wonderful love feast yesterday coz mine was filled with excitement.

Are you thinking about the caption? If I die today. I have many plans in my head and none has come to reality and that brought the lamentation. 

However, I am glad that through the Uptrennd City game which Tiger Lily organized, I have one of those plans in my head come true. 

Mission 7, my career choice in Uptrennd City falls into the entertainment industry called party service entertainment.


I have started my career in Uptrennd City. As the City is steadfastly increasing in population there is a great need to have some jobs and entertainment industries around for the healthy living of the inhabitants of the City. 

We provide live entertainment parties: weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, and social occasions' clowns, soloists, musical brands, public speakers, DJ and a lot more.

Your satisfaction, Our Pride. As you know, there won't be any elaborate or mini-event that can hold without music being played or dancers with different dancing steps. Of course, your guests will be bored. But with Cool-Breeze been invited it becomes tremendous hehe.

Grand Opening Day!!

On Friday eve, 19_ 02_ 2021.....

Come with your friends and be entertained by our service. 50% discount for first bookings. Be the first to get this awesome offer.

All the information you need for our service is provided on the business card and flyer below

Business Card.

preview not available

Designed on canva.com


preview not available

Designed on canva.com

​We are available at every second of the ticker.

​Book your party now and get the best service like never before.

You are enjoined to share the flyer with your friends and tell them to share it with theirs too. 


Only 1up and BCH are allowed for payment. 

preview not available


I was rewarded by Tiger Lily, for completing mission 5

Thank you 

image source



Agaga Julius
15 Feb

We are on same boat. I will try to see how great you are in terms of entertainment line. I will come pay you visit.


O.P iykman
15 Feb


That sounds perfect 👌.

I am glad to hear that we are in the same field of entertainment.

Hope so the city gonna enjoy our service.

Let's rock the city hehe

Thank you 


Chidiebere Nze
15 Feb

I will never die, and even if so it does not matter what happening after my death.


O.P iykman
15 Feb


My bro, no one is praying for premature death. We all wish to live to testify God's goodness.

But if you paid less attention to the caption you would have picked the point of the message.

Hopefully, you are doing great. Believe in yourself you will live long.


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
15 Feb

Thank you for sharing what you can do with uptrennd city and calling on people to call you if they need your services.


O.P iykman
15 Feb

Thanks a lot, you grabbed the message. Hope you will book a party sooner.


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
15 Feb

Well if need be as we are now a one big family on here.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
18 Feb

You have chosen an excellent area: Party Planning! Wow, they're sure to be well organized and a lot of fun too.
The form of payment is ideal. I think you will be very successful.
Good work.!


O.P iykman
18 Feb

Thanks so much, able guardian. I appreciate your kind words. They are so impressive.

Hope so you will like our job in the Uptrennd City. Hehe


XxX offiong
16 Feb

O P Iykeman on the wheels of steel, men you got to light the city on fire!







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