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First, we all should be thankful to  uptrennd because it made our lockdown go well and we didn't waste our time.

Most importantly I not only earned from the uptrennd but I also learned a lot. Our creative Skills and our hidden talent brought out the by uptrennd otherwise we are a nation until someone wakes us up we like to stay asleep.

From the uptrennd I earned a lot of respect, fame and not only this but also the writing articles, poetry and friends and yes Good lessons from people too haha.When it comes to the main topic, 

What did I buy with my own earning? 

Hmmm, this question is a bit difficult for me because I lent my whole money I earned from Uptrennd and didn't use a single rupee because when I first withdrew my money, very close relatives were in a great need of money, so I gave it all away, because money is useless if it is not used when it is needed.

What I want to Purchase from Uptrennd's Earning?

So I might fall into the second category of what I wanna buy from the earnings of the uptrennd?

Every human being dreams but maybe not every human being's dreams come true but I love to dream whether they are fulfilled or not.

Why I Joined Uptrennd?

I joined Uptrennd on May 1, 2020 and my only goal was to make money and that's the goal of everyone but when I saw that here we can learn more valuable things than money, the desire to get something arose in me. 

And I had the most precious opportunity to empower myself so I didn't let it go and I succeeded to a great extent. But still the hunger for knowledge is present in me Lol and that is my wholw earning.

My Dream

And I want to be independent from the earnings of the uptrennd which has not happened yet Lol but will happen very soon because nothing happens suddenly and I want to pay my college and hostel fees and buy a new mobile I don't want anything more than that.

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Saira Kakar
29 Nov

Exectily every person have some dreams for fulfil from their earning if its take part of reality than we are lucky in our life because nothing is batter than our beautiful dreams


Dua Fatima
29 Nov

You have done right by helping your relatives with your first uptrennd earning. That's the real happiness to help the needy. That's everyone's dream to be independent. I also want to pay my college and hostel fees by myself


Moscom Moses
29 Nov

It is good to be of help to others. Thank God that you were able to help your family with what you earned from Uptrennd when they needed it most.


Raheem Rao
29 Nov

Well that's  good 

Many of there  are students  Who want  money for that uptrend  is best .

Now your current  stage  is the fruit  of your hard work


Dr Rabia Anum
29 Nov

You have spent your money in a best place because to help people really matters a lot and as you have described at the end that you want to be independent by Uptrend , my prayers are with you and IA you will be proud of yourself one day IA 







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