What has been taught to me?

 2020 is a year that brings me a lot of emotions with extremely valuable and profound lessons.  One of the events that left me most lessons and tears the most was when I received news that my company manager was about to change to a new muscle and replaced her position as a manager.  other children.

 When I heard the unexpected news, I and everyone could not imagine what happened, only the sadness on each person's face gradually appeared every day.  Up until now, there has never been such a separation that made me cry like that, and there has never been a farewell that will make me never forget it.

 Through the sadness, regrets, and simple questions, I can now calmly conclude for myself the lessons after this tearful separation.  Here are the two biggest lessons I've learned:

 🌿1 / We don't have it forever!

 Time passed quietly and casually.  When we suddenly realize it, a few years have passed.  We often get stuck in our own thoughts: "Tomorrow will be a better day", or "Let's just hope for the future."  However, if we look closely, we will see that all we have are these present moments.  The more we realize that before or after there will also be a day of separation and farewell, the more we will cherish each present moment together and love each other's existence.

 When the time came when I had to say goodbye to my boss, I was scared.  I reflect on that time has passed.  In fact, every day I go to work I see her, I just don't say hello every morning, or in other words, I take her presence as a matter of fact.  It's okay to go to the office without coming.  But when I heard that she was leaving this place, I had to say goodbye to the people she considered to be close sisters, an indescribable sadness in my heart.  I rummaged through my memories, I remember her days with us, warm smiles, gentle and delicate gestures of concern for everyone around me.  For the time being, I wish time would stop so I could be with her longer.

 In fact, when we are about to lose something in life, we know how to cherish and appreciate their existence.  When we do not know how to appreciate it at the moment, it will be easy to ignore moments of being able to say loving words, or we will regret not living to the fullest for it.

 With the development of technology today, we are living in such a hurry.  Chatting with friends, but eyes glued to the phone screen, a family meal but discussing too much about conflicts related to work, the meetings and visits with parents are less and less.  we are too "busy".  We should learn to slow down.  Living slowly does not mean not knowing how to enjoy the beautiful things out there, but learning to love every beauty, loving every little but most precious moment in life so that when we look back we will not  I regret doing my best for them.

 As in Ichigo Ichie, Héctor Garcia & Miralles Frances states: “Now as a gift, a beautiful treasure will never be recovered.  If we let it pass without appreciating, the opportunity will disappear forever. ”  Remember, all we have is this moment.

 🌿2 / Adapting to change is a lesson that we should learn in life.

 Change is seen as a major turning point for all of us.  I am a person who is afraid of change, so when this happens, I temporarily cannot accept it.  I am afraid to lose what was familiar, which has been associated with me over the years.  However, I realize that I cannot change reality.  I cannot change what cannot be changed.  I had to accept and adapt to new opportunities and things.

 Change is very scary because we do not know what the future awaits us, the new environment, the new people will be like, whether we will adapt or not.  These are very normal worries and insecurities that everyone will experience.

 I understand that this world is constantly changing and is always in an unstable state.  There are always unexpected things happening at any time.  We have no control over what happens to us, but we can choose how to react to them.  We have the right to feel sad, depressed, uncomfortable, or even regretful, but then allow ourselves to accept change as a matter of course and learn to immerse ourselves in the change.

 As Denis Diderot, the French writer and philosopher said: “There are things I cannot force, I have to adapt.  There are times when the biggest change needed is the change of perspective. ”

 That's right, just changing our perspective, changing our outlook, our lives will be easier and more relaxed.  Change will bring new things, but they also give us the opportunity to broaden our minds, learn to uplift ourselves to adapt, train flexibility and resilience in the moving world.  nonstop.

 Every time we deny changes, we're going backwards to the back.  Like my boss sister once said: “You are just like the droplets of water in a stream, if you suddenly stop, of course you will be left behind, the water droplets behind you will also overtake you  forward.  In the end, it is only me at the starting point.  So please keep moving forward no matter what. "

 Hope you live your life in the present moment and have the courage to deal with anything in your life.




Farhan Aslam
23 Oct

Thank you about sharing this admirable content. 

Yes we have to sincerely handle our issues. God created many qualities. These qualities will help us alot. To be courageous is best quality among all of them. 

We need to solve all issues arises in life nicely. 


Moses Hope
23 Oct

Change is the only thing that is constant on earth. You shouldn't be afraid of it because it will definitely come.


Gift Brown
23 Oct

Oh yes , life is unpredictable,no one knows tomorrow, any thing one see in life you take, endure any new circumstance and adapt to it,there is no new thing in life,so we learn how to be happy no matter what,and still be strong enough  to move on.







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