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29 May
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What do you do - when you feel powerless?

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Eunigold Paul 1 month ago

Say No to discrimination, this is so touchy.thanks for sharing 

Ijaz Ahmed 1 month ago

He must have made some mistake. We shouldn't make mistakes. If we make a mistake, we shouldn't argue with the police. If the turban, we shouldn't argue with the police.  Given۔

danladi samson 1 month ago

No matter how he argue with a police he doesn't deserve a shot. Even a high armed criminal is targeted on many part of the head. He molested him and killed him

Bluefin Studios 1 month ago

The video is very clear, from many people. George not only did NOT make a mistake, he was very helpful and cooperated. George is DEAD

The policeman involved has been arrested.
George is dead.

The governor apologised.
George is dead.

Esty Rich 1 month ago

Yes u are right. We have to say no to discrimination. And is strong in humanity race. If its not between the white and blacks, it will be between the blacks (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) and it really painful. We are all humans and not dogs. May his soul rest in peace. Amen!

Chèrie Heart 1 month ago

I watched the video too and it broke my heart. It's ao sad to see that even in the dawn of the 21th century we're still at a point where the human life means nothing. Where colour is more than humanity. George is dead and it certainly won't end with him. Its clear that Humanity still has a long way to go. 

Mutayyab Ur rehman 1 month ago

It's so heartrending to see this. Discrimination is killing humanity. 💔

Ijaz Ahmed 1 month ago

I am very sorry to hear this because nowadays man is killing man, he is biting people ignorant of humanity, I am very sad, may allah forgive us.

David Nweke 1 month ago

It's really sad, officers of the law that ought to protect citizens, are the one killing, so shameful.

Actually at this point, there is nothing he could have done. Its so unfortunate. 


Z Zee 1 month ago

I saw the video and it was really heart breaking, he was murdered right there on the streets and his killer isn’t facing any murder trial. He was dismissed from the force - yes - but what’s that in comparison with the fact that George would never breath again?

I can’t understand how humans can be so insensitive to the plight of fellow humans.

I can’t imagine the level of hate a person would have to feel for another person to go to that level of cruelty...

It just makes me sick

Tiger Lily 1 month ago

That's exactly how I feel. So sick.

I had nightmares last night that it was my son in this situation. 

Something needs to change. We can't let another innocent person die by the hands of corrupt authority

Monica genievic 1 month ago

Right. Why do they choose to hate,  then do something that spread hate more, I just don't get people who has this kind of personality. 







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