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What crypto and why ?

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Josh Monrreal 6 months ago

BNB... it started as just Binances exchange coin to help with fees... but not they are planning to make its own chain. Plus with how big Binance is the coin will always have a place. 

I made some money on KCS on kucoin but got out of it... but want to get back in... one of the coins that creates passive income.... those are always my favorite

easy breezy 6 months ago

mmmm, passive income :)

Martin Kiel 6 months ago

Yep passive income is the holy grail !!

Luke Brenland 6 months ago

I currently use Tron,ETH for the DAPPS as that is one of my favourite things about crypto!!

Hold some NEO too and a few others but i only really use my Tron and Eth!

Luke Brenland 6 months ago

Great post too mate this is the kind of thing we want on Uptrennd! :)

Casper Ledel 6 months ago

will do my best to bring such content to uptrend

Luke Brenland 6 months ago

you already are buddy ;) users like your self bring so much value so its great to see :)

Casper Ledel 6 months ago

Thanks for the points either way, will put it forward to start a tron community when i reach level 3

Luke Brenland  6 months ago

literally just done it so if you want to use that one by all means :)

Luke Brenland  6 months ago

Consider it yours Casper as a Welcoming Gift :)

Casper Ledel 6 months ago

thanks hahaha, can try get the Tron Europe people in.
i got direct line to them on discord

Luke Brenland  6 months ago

You can recommend the platform to anybody mate if you like it here :) 

Please do bare in mind though we are in beta so still bug hunting and implementing new feature

Casper Ledel 6 months ago

well sure things, but for being in beta it looks fine

Luke Brenland  6 months ago

 everybody's been working all the hours so thank you buddy

Romana Grubesic 6 months ago

Like your discussion idea :) I like dgb, because it is fast, it supports many algos, it is used for payment (last info i have-airports), because it will not fork with some new coins that will cause pump and dump activities. And regarding trx, i had it before pump, i sold it with some small profit, and my honest opinion is that trx came out in wrong time, when all small investors without much knowledge got into trx and ruin its normal growth.

Casper Ledel 6 months ago

i like DGB too, yet only use it for my faucets i own. about tron, they seem to have gotten it pretty good and i have made a good amount of profit since december.

Jon Oliver Aborot 6 months ago

Nice engage casper, I really love to Xrp as P2P payment transaction. Due to low fees.


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