Good afternoon dear Uptrenndians. I hope you're all doing great today. 

This is my entry to @St3v3 T88888 contest of what can 10,000 1UP get you in your country.

I live in Lagos, Nigeria and our currency here is Naira (NGN). As we all know the value of 1UP vary from country to country based on the value of the country's currency. Based on the currency value of the Naira (NGN), the price of 1UP is around N11. 

A quick multiplication of the unit price of 1UP by 10,000 will result to about N110,000. Now that's quite a lot of money to begin with. What can I possibly do with this amount of money. I think this contest came in handy. So if you are still feeling me, then let's dive into my list of do... Lolz. 

First on my list: 

1. I promised my younger sister to get her a new smart phone, by my budget, it cost N50,000. With that amount, the first thing I'm doing is getting her that phone. She had anticipated for it. Sometimes I deliberately ignored her calls because I know what she was going to talk about. 

2. Second on my list of do - I want to become a Data Scientist and I already make arrangement to enroll for the classes under the auspices of Utiva. The cost of learning and developing as a data scientist is about N45,000. So with 10,000 1UP, I am certainly going to dive fully into the learning the programming languages without stress. Developing oneself and getting skilled in various skill sets is essential to survive in Nigeria. We all know what the economy has turned out to be right now. 

3. Third on my list of do - is to establish a mini tech business within my locality. These would include PAGA, Computer Institute etc. With N110,000 achieving these plans will be a walk over. I will simply get them done without any hitches. 

So guys this is the few primary things on my list to do should I am given 10,000 1UP now. I have more which I classify as secondary options. But those ones can wait. 

Thanks to @St3v3 T88888 for this contest. This is the first I will be participating in since I got back. I am super excited about it. 

This is the third day since the contest began, you still have from now to 9th of September to avail yourself as a potential lucky winner. So if you're yet to participate in this contest, you can do so through the link below. 




John Gideon Utong
28 Aug

i love your ideas

quite a lot of things that can be done with this amount of token

 wish you the best


Uncle Jay
28 Aug

Thanks bud. Have you participated? If not please do. 


Victory Bassey
28 Aug

Wow.. I love the list. Wish you the win


Uncle Jay
28 Aug

Thanks buddy. Please participate if you have not done so. 


Oxygen O2
28 Aug

Nice entry into the contest bro, I pray you are among the lucky winner. 10000 1up will take care of many things for real in this part of the world.


Uncle Jay
28 Aug

Boss thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the kind words. 


ceyebrity A
28 Aug

Good analysis. Your sis will be proud of you for having her in mind


Dammy Ola
28 Aug

Well with 10k 1up I will invest some of it into my education and direct the rest towards a small scale business so I could be getting income from it







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