What are you hobbies?


Hobby is the free time or spare activity which a person wants to do for the seek of his or her pleasurer or for his or her peace of mind and satisfaction.

Different people have different hobbies according to their choices and likes some are fond of reading books some are fond of cooking some are fond of listening music some are fond of cycling some are fond of gardening or planting.

 But i am a person who have different moods and love to do more and more unique things in different times so my hobbies are according to my taste.

I am a nature lover and i usually spent my time in different things i usually photograph or click snaps of different things or beauty of nature what clicks into my mind i took a picture of that


 I also spent my time on reading novels. I love to read novels of different authors.it will teaches you many lessons and new things in life whether i think it will come close you to reality of life.


I also spent my time in cooking. well I am fond of baking and also cooked new dishes and also very enjoy to serve the meal to my family and friends. They really enjoyed this and appreciate my cooking skills.

I also spent my time on watching different movies. I think watching movie will relaxed you and it is a very good source of spending our free time. I watch one movie daily. Especially cartoons and animated movies are my favourite


 So what you people like to do in your free or spare time share your different hobbies with me??I would love to listen the hobbies of beautiful people



Suny Ag
24 Nov

I love fitness, photography, and traveling besides writing my articles as much as I know. No good at writing but I love expressing myself.


Tanveer Mukhtiar Malik
24 Nov

Reading Urdu Novels and Short stories are my hobby. 

I also write my diary about daily life. It is also my hobby which started 3 years ago. it is an amazing experience when I recall my activities and write them down on the paper.  


Nadia Shahid
24 Nov

To be really ho.honest gardening is my favourite and most wanted hobby and i feel vary fresh during gardening 


Usman Ali
24 Nov

My hobby is coin collecting and i am feel very happy to collect these coin of different currencies.


Raheem Rao
24 Nov

Well i have  a very  good hobby  

I reare animal like goats  amd hens  and in free time take care  of them


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From knitting to rock climbing.


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