What are the revenue streams in the Uber for tutors app business?

The evolution in smartphone applications has transformed several sectors in the market. The traditional learning methods in brick and mortar rooms are fading away as the global education market is booming. People have started to prefer e-learning platforms for its convenience and flexibility. These apps have given a whole new dimension to education. The moving ridge of technological developments has taken its chance to serve the ever-starving learners. Enthusiastic learners can quickly get personalized education from these platforms to sharpen their skills. This article will explain the various revenue streams in this niche.

Revenue streams in the Uber for tutors app business:

    The uber for tutor app service offers multiple revenue streams. Entrepreneurs can choose the one that best suits their business needs.

Commission fee:

    The entrepreneurs will charge a commission fee for each course enrolled by the learners. They will charge a fixed sum of money, and it will vary depending on the type of course and its price. Commission fees can yield high profits in the long run as it is a constant source of income.


    Advertisements can be an effective way to boost overall revenue. Entrepreneurs can get into paid partnerships with other brands to advertise their products on the platform. The entrepreneurs can charge based on the type and duration of the advertisement, as it can be of pictures or videos. They should discuss with their development team to optimize the app for ideal placements of ads, 

Featured badge for tutors/courses:

The tutors can quickly increase their overall user engagement by maximizing their visibility on the platform. Featured listing can be an effective way for it as their profile will get listed on the top of search results. 

Brand affiliations:

    Numerous universities in the world collaborate with on-demand tutoring app. Entrepreneurs can easily find publishers, certification providers, private schools, and colleges to get started. It is an effective way to increase user engagement on the platform. 

Bottom line:

    The contemplation of the predictions made by business analysts in this niche clearly indicates its massive scope in the near future. The fusion of attractive user interface and intuitive features has brought a flattering imperative to these platforms. Learners need not have to look forward to expensive coaching centers and need not have to burn a hole in their pockets for it.







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