What are the advantages of HT token?

Huobi Token is used to vote for tokens to be listed on the exchange, and when this is done, a separate reward is given. Users participating in the voting are rewarded with tokens belonging to the project if the project in question is listed on the stock exchange. If a project you choose is listed on the stock market, 10 percent of the project is airdrop to users according to the agreement. If the project you selected in the voting is not listed, the HT's used are returned to you. So you do not lose in any way.

Binance exchange's BNB provides users with transaction advantage (IEO, trade etc.) and reduces costs. Binance transaction cost is 0.1 percent. Binance will reduce transaction cost benefits by 50 percent each year. This means that there will be no advantage after 5 years. Since the 50 percent discount rate will disappear next year, we can say that the costs are equalizing with the Huobi stock exchange.


Huobi Token (HT)





Huobi Token (HT) is an exchange based token and native currency of the Huobi crypto exchange. The HT can be used to purchase monthly VIP status plans for transaction fee discounts, vote on exchange decisions, gain early access to special Huobi events, receive crypto rewards from seasonal buybacks and trade with other cryptocurrencies listed on the Huobi exchange. Website : https://www.hbg.com/ Explorer : https://etherscan.io/token/0x6f259637dcd74c767781e37bc6133cd6a68aa161


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