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14 Mar
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What an incredible Arch!

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Lucas S 3 months ago

That's so great! Glad you had an awesome vacation! The first time I went to Paris was with my two younger brothers on a backpacking trip for a month,  and we traveled to 7 different countries. Paris was amazing for the sites, museum and tower. But we also enjoyed the underground, the clubs (that never seem to stop), and the food!

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

NICE Lucas!! That backpacking thing is something I REALLY want to do!! I just need a backpackin buddy. 7 different countries?? WHERE ARE YOUR PICS??!! POST THEM LUCAS!!

Olaniran Faith 3 months ago

What a beautiful view... You really did had fun

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

I DID Olaniran! It's an amazing city with SO MUCH to see and do!

Athar Saleem 3 months ago

Paris, a city along the banks of river Seine and capital of France is the most beutiful as i thought; your pics are it's evidence.

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

Thanks Athar! I had so much fun and can't wait to go back again!! I think I need to try some place NEW now.

Athar Saleem 3 months ago

Personally, i never visited Paris, but read and heard much about it's beauty.

Chris Tibbits  3 months ago

Do you have pics/story of a place you've visited that us Uptrennders would love to see/read about?? Please post!

Uruemu Victory 3 months ago

Great view. The city is beautiful.

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

I'm not gonna lie, it was very "touristy" because of the places I went to. I expected the crowds, but I'm really not into all the people. It was beautiful FOR SURE. I hope you can visit one day Uruemu.

Green Bee 3 months ago

First off, spiral stairs scares the shit out of me. Secondly pictures of the top view are amazing, I can almost picture myself there but sadly Paris doesn't make my list. My dream spot is Polynesian but I just can't decide on the exact place.

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

LOL! Yeah I wasn't a fan of those stairs either but...when in Rome (or in this case...Paris). It's okay, not everyone like Paris. On that note...Ploynesia? Do tell!! Why did you pick that place?

Green Bee 3 months ago

They are kinda close to nature. White sand beaches and it's blue waters, Coconut trees and their cuisine too. I got this idea after watching Moana. It'll take time to achieve it but I'll definitely make it happen. 

Chris Tibbits  3 months ago

I get that, yeah I do. There are so many places to see huh? I hope to do more traveling soon!







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