Were You Lost When You've Found Your Way?


Hello, amigos!

The time for a recap of the past year has come.

This post is more about me, so if you think that you won’t get any value from it, just skip and move on with your day.

The sole purpose of the post is to show that everything is possible if you want it hard enough and at the same time to be a reminder to never give up, despite everything that may have happened to you.


As always, I’ll be direct:

This was the best fucking year of my life in a loooong time!

How so, you might ask yourself, when it was such a savage year?


Well, you may know that I’ve been suffering from a very serious disease, because of which I had very little chances to regain the last bit of health that I had left, but I kinda hit the health lottery and I got this one last chance!

It took me 10 long years of legit pain, suffering, and misery, until I got to that moment, so I can’t really describe how infinitely grateful I am for what I’ve finally gotten.


Another big thing that I’ve managed to achieve was to beat depression.

Yes, the real one. The one that causes you feel like you are nothing, that convinces you that you are completely worthless, and that makes you think that there is no point in getting out of bed, take a shower, or shave.


Depression is a fucking monster, so never tell someone who shares their feelings with you that they should “just overcome it”… If it were that easy, they would’ve already overcome it. Just listen to them and give them your full support.

That’s how I’ve beaten it. With the invaluable help and support of other people.


Also, I’ve replaced smoking with sports, rotating swimming, cycling, and the gym. I’ve thrown bread and refined sugar away and I’m eating a ton of fruits and vegetables. Processed junk is out too and eggs and meat are my choice of food.


Next big thing that happened was that I wrote a book. 

It took me a whole year to write, edit, and publish it. And I failed at selling it, but I don’t care. For me, the whole experience itself was a success.


In addition to all of that, I’ve become a Guardian on Uptrennd.

I met some amazing people, from all over the world. I learned a ton from them. And they helped me keep moving forward and get my shit together.

Thank you very much, everybody!


Yeah, I was lost...

Hell, I was like deep-in-the-jungle lost, but I’ve finally found my way.

There is no more sorrow, no more pain, no more hate. I feel incredibly well!

Of course, luck was involved in all of that, but the truth is that I was prepared to take advantage of it.

And, please, don’t fool yourself, it’s not all roses. It’s still tough as fuck!

It requires a ton of hard work, learning, and perseverance. It takes plenty of time. And I keep pushing myself every single day.


I have to start practicing smiling on photos...

A thought.

No matter what you may be going through, it will pass. Everything passes. Both the good and the bad periods of your life will pass.

In fact, that’s the only 100% sure thing in the universe – change.

Never give up.

Everything is possible.

Just keep putting the effort, day after day, and be prepared to take advantage of your luck.


Have a great 2021!


Here’s something for all the 3 rock music fans here on Uptrennd: https://youtu.be/R8pj2y39_jc 




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Edy Stringz
31 Dec

You are right, this year I have come to understand too that we can get anything that we want as long as we want it as hard as you said. 

I am so glad that this year was the best for you regardless of the fact that everyone is calling it a savage year.

Again, I appreciate the almighty for helping you to get through your illness.

Yes, I did read your post on this shit called depression, and how you managed to move out of it. 

I am happy you had people who supported you and that you have been able to do away with those foods, and habits that eat away at you, instead of improving your life.

You wrote a book?? that's amazing. you shouldn't worry about the sale portfolio, maybe that is what 2021 will be for. 

And yes, we have all witnessed your movement from a uptrennd user to a guardian, and we found you, and your posts inspiring, The best part is the contests that we usually have to engage in the Spanish community every weekend. 

Finally, life truly isn't a bed of roses, there will always be ups and downs, but if one is prepared like you were, then luck will just be an added advantage.

Change is inevitable, and nothing stays the same forever, this is what we need to start learning to accept 

Thank you so much for this inspiring post.


preview not available Ivan .
31 Dec

Thank you for reading, Edy! I appreciate you very much! Let the new year be great for you! 🔥


Senor Blindsky
31 Dec

Hey man. I'm sitting on the toilet and reading this. And lemme tell you, it's been a long fucking time I've read something so powerfully positive. 

Yeah the year was shit, but doesn't need to be for everyone. 

Never would have guessed your going through health issues. Your vibes were always top notch. So keep it up next year, too. 

I don't plan on quitting smoking. Hell, I'm so addicted that there were times I would see my covid patients, clean up, smoke, don a full new set of ppe and repeat. 

It is bad. But I'm focusing on diet for now. Breads and carbs are a bitch. Probably harder than quitting smoking. I've gotten rid of sugars. That was easy. 

Glad you overcame depression. Not an easy task, by far. Be thankful you had the support system. And stay positive and fucking rolling. 

Keep working on your book. Time on earth is limited. Revise the book a 100 times and keep making it better till you get to launch it. Good luck and kudos. 


preview not available Ivan .
31 Dec

Hahaha, thank you for reading and for the words, man! (I hope this post had made your bowel movements a bit smoother 😄)

Yeah... planning on quiting a bad habit doesn't really work. Replacing it doesn't work either. I have "stopped smoking" like a thousand times before, but was always starting again.

And it's a very simple reason for that: I didn't have the internal desire to change, nor I had any internal thing I wanted more than getting my health back.

When I got my chance [for health] I just ended all of the habits that I considered bad. In an instant, with a single click of my fingers.

So, no, until you have a REAL reason to change whatever you might want to change in your life, you will simply be negotiating with yourelf.

The book is out though, I just failed at marketing and selling it. Here's a link, check it out: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B5DT4LR/

Have a nice 2021! 💪


Aasia Noor
31 Dec

Every thing never stays forever, it always go away with the passage of time either soon pr later but we must not lose hope in any case because we learn from every moment of life....


Oneray I.
31 Dec

My dear guardian! You do not know the joy that I'm feeling of seeing that you have overcome the highest obstacles in your life. I'm happy for you. It is true that you have to practice your smile a lot for the photos, haha, but you already have one that I saw in a new year's photo, and you were drunk. You can practice that same smile while sober. Did you give up the bread and sugar? Congratulations, you took a big step and I'm sure it was for your good. This has been a great year for you and I celebrate it in style because for me it was also an excellent year, and the next one will be much better.

A hug in the distance, brother.


preview not available Ivan .
31 Dec

Thank you very much, Ramon! You are one of the people who were like an "external motivator" for me to push myself to be as good of a Guardian as I could! Of course, I have a lot more to learn, so I will be reading your content carefully next year as well. 🙏

About the smile... yeah, I have it in me, I know that, but I've been frowning for a long time and I have kinda forgotten how to do it. I'm immediately starting to work on it though!  😄

Have an year full of success and happiness, brother!


Oneray I.
31 Dec

I'm sure that in no time you will show how happy you are with a smile, brother. If you are happy, so am I and that fills me with enthusiasm because I follow your steps learning from you, because believe it or not, you are an example to follow, in Uptrennd and in life since you got out of the monster called depression.


Essa sherazi
31 Dec

You have done this journey very well and successfully and you have written about disappointment, so Mr. disappointment is a very bad thing and an obstacle to all success. Disappointment does not allow us to move forward. Sir, nothing in the world is impossible. Hard work makes everything possible. We must work hard to succeed and believe in hard work. And you mentioned your book, so I don't think writing a book is a small thing. Writing is a great achievement, and our main goal is to write a book, not to send a book. If life permits, I will try to read your book.


preview not available Ivan .
31 Dec

Thank you for passing by, Essa! Have a good 2021! 🙌







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