WenX Exchange Announced There 8th IEO in WGGS

Wenx Exchange IN crypto Market 100% Secure, Comprehensive creative, and most Sincere Exchange.

They have some history in IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) round.IN the crypto Market they are the Best IEO Platform Ever. They have almost monthly 150K Plus traffic. That's really incredible.

Recently WenX is excited to announce There Eight-round IEO program IN WGGS. They will launch the WGGS session on 22 October 2020 - 26 October 2020 (5 days). 

What is WGGS ..?

WGGS (Golden Griffin Stone) incubation cornerstone is launched by World Internet Ecosystem Foundation (WIEF) based on the openness and irreversibility of blockchain technology, combined with the current market conditions of e-commerce, securities, online entertainment, and other industries, to establish a global business information management system and trading platform with the foundation of blockchain technology, application of smart contracts, using DAPP to seamlessly connect products, service providers, logistics to create a commodity information exchange and trade system in the world of blockchain, to promote smart payment and development of smart contracts, smart logistics, and even smart life to lead a new way of life.

IEO Session :

-Token Name: WGGS 

-IEO Seventh-Round Purchase Time: 22 October 2020 09:00 (GMT 8)  – 26 October 2020 23:59 (GMT 8) 

-IEO Token Supply (in WGGS): 600,000 WGGS 

-Single Quantity:  1 WGGS/set 

-Maximum purchase: 10,000 set /set

-Token Price: 1 GGS/set 

Update news : WGGS trading in wenxpro right now.

Rules Regulation :

-According to Wenx Exchange Limited Supply-

  • purchases use GGS token as the method of payment. Users participating in WGGS purchases must have sufficient GGS.

  • All the participants in the IEO must complete the KYC ID verification and binding of a mobile phone number.

  • The final interpretation right of this IEO event belongs to WenX.

Risk to buy :  please be rational in your investment, make prudent investment decisions.

Want to know more:

Wenxpro Exchange: http://wenxpro.com/ 

Official WGGS Website: https://ggs.cool/ 

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