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Social media has played a great role in making world global village. Like facebook, instagram and WhatsApp etc.  Uptrennd has also now significant role in it.  Uptrennd has more then 120k people and still going strong.  

Through social media life has become more easy.  Though it has many shortcomings but today we will only throw light on its benefits.  Let's take the example of uptrennd. Here you can see alott of people are known to each other which weren't before.  

Uptrennd has its own criteria. 

We can say that in a sense that it provides us source of learn , earn and fun at the same time.  The people live here like a complete society. With few admins like magesterat who give rules and regulations for the things ll go smoothly.  

Yeah it also made the world into global village  but here it also give us lesson of 


#Spread love and happiness

#Stand against crime (reporting spammers)

#follow rules to get rewards

Uptrennd will provide you complete guidelines that how to live properly.

May it progress more and spread more awareness , motivation , love ,fun , money and kindness in people.  

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Aniss Emma
26 Oct

This is a really nice way to explain uptrennd with all it's good qualities. And I'm sure you'll keep on enjoying it as it goes just as every other people are too. Just make sure not to let one thing go as you continue here. And that's the kind to keep learning more and more.


Raheem Rao
26 Oct

I waste  a lot of time on different  apps but when is start work on uptrend  i minimize  them  and only do my work and one day everyone  is aware  of it


Tasleem Mohsin
26 Oct

Yes you are right the social media are play important role in our life .but there are many benifts to used social media and many disadvantages.


Saira Kakar
26 Oct

Uptrend is an good village and amazing platform for earning and knowledge i love it its best platform for enjoying 


Emmanuel Eberechi
26 Oct

This is a clear definition of uptrennd. Thanks for sharing with us. 







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