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PNL Coin - Fast, Stable and Secure cryptography currency. Bringing Blockchain to life, with our exciting new coin. Take full advantage of the revolutionary digital evolution today! Cryptocurrency is the money of the future, and the future of money.. Welcome To The Future! Don't miss this revolution

About PNL Coin

We translate your dream into reality.

Giving financial power back to the people.
A fairly distributed, fee free, greener and instant cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption, intended to pay wages, rent, food, bills, health-care, workers and everyday purchase using distributed ledger technology (DLT).
Our token would be available for sale in various popular exchanges and PNL exchange
Our idea is to change the way transaction payments are done worldwide using decentralized finance.
Blockchain and Mobile phone and computers become mediums for a cashless economy.
And you can pay with internet connection or also offline, if you had deposited enough PNL Coins before in your Blockchain account.

  • PNL coins E-commerce

  • Picnic Life Coin E-Wallet

  • Picnic Life Coin Debit Card/POS/ATM

  • Picnic Life Coin Exchange

  • Picnic Life Coin Telemedicine App/Pre-hospital care/ health ecosystem

  • Agricultural ecosystem

  • Flight and Hotel Booking Tool

  • Messenger App

DBreakdown of Picnic Life Token Distribution.

Distribution will be done on a mass scale base from the beginning, this limits manipulation by the elite and no member of any currency should hold more than 1% of the entire circulating supply at any one point .

  • 2.5% Initial Foundation

  • 2.5% Development Fund

  • 2.5% Pre-sale

  • 2.5% Bounties

  • 10% Airdrop

  • 20% Reward and Refferals

  • 20% IEO

  • 10% Team Token

  • 10% Health Care Support for Unpriviledge

  • 10% Legal Licencing

  • 10% Marketing

Welcome to Picnic Life Rewards!

$36,000,000 in rewards to be shared.

The top 10 people who share the free coin airdrop with the most friends will receive 180 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $1 800 000)

Positions 11-110 will receive 18 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $180 000)

Also You get 3600 Coins Per FREE Referral And 1800 Coins From Referral of Your Referral i.e From Level 2 Which Is Your Friend's Referral

So Get Busy Referring and accumulate as many PNL Coins As you Can

Your FREE 3600 Coins ( $36 ) Are Credited in your wallet and you can check them

You can also start sending / receiving Picnic Life coins free of cost instantly and your wallet address is in receive section

Last but not the least you can stake your coins also in staking section and start earning 3 % monthly interest on your staked coins or 0.1 % daily

The more you share your referral links with the world , more free coins you will accumulate and more people you will have in your level 1 and 2 making you even more coins and more money

Get busy spreading the message of Picnic Life everywhere now

We have sharing buttons on right hand side so you can quickly start sharing your links on facebook , twitter , whatsapp , linked in etc





TeeKingTV - The Newbie School
27 Aug

Thank you for providing such a deepinformation about the PNL project. Nice one


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Security tokens are cryptographic tokens that pay dividends, share profits, pay interest or invest in other tokens or assets to generate profits for the token holders. This takes care of the liquidity issues.


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