Welcome Me on "Noise.Cash"

​​Assalam O Alaikum!

How are you Uptrennd Family? I was not present for a month due to my exams. Finally, now I am free and back to work again. 

You all are aware of the Noise. cash website, I was also there but I was absent. I am going to be active in noise. ​​​​cash as well. So if you guys want to subscribe to me, just click ​Here​​​

I heard a lot about Noise. cash that this website is really good so I am also giving a trial on this website.

You guys can promote Uptrennd their as well through #hashtag. I will also try to promote as much as I can. 

Noise. cash will give you withdraw in BCH and the withdraw is instant. You can tip to your subscribers and non-subscribers there. Make sure to use the free tips wisely. 

One more thing: Someone made an account of noise. cash with my na#me, do not be confused because I gave my Profile link to you guys. 


Image Source: Pexels



Ayesha Malik
21 Feb

Thanks for clarifying this confusion; I found your name account but It was apparent later as the user didn't have the quality in the post.

I have welcomed you there and indeed it's a real and engaging site for sharing thoughts and earning rewards for it.


Amal Fatima
21 Feb

I really felt your absence but happy to see you back. 💐

Good luck for your result 😍

I gives you warm welcome on noise.cash,🤗

Noise.cash is best way to promote  uptrennd. 

Exactly it is our duty to do our work honestly and followed all the rules. 😊


Top Np
21 Feb

I subscribed mam. Wel come to you in noise family. Wish you all the best mam.


Fariha Khan
21 Feb

Welcome back dear here.I hope you did well in your exams and will get awesome results.I will pray for you sis @Emaan.

I'm not on noise cash yet but i'm also hearing a lot about it.Sure i will join it and will subscribe you.


Asmat Nawaz
21 Feb

I am also using noise.cash.... 

I want to ask a question...... 

They are not giving free tips from 2 weeks... Is there any reason??? 


Ayesha Malik
21 Feb

Free tips are given randomly, and the more tips you will get if you would distribute them generously. 

Have patience soon you will have the free tips.


Asmat Nawaz
21 Feb

Thank you very much for guaidance 


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