Weekly Uptrennd Fitness Challenge!

Hello again Uptrennd Universe!!

I am back this week with another challenge for all of you fit (or want to be fit!) Trenndians out there!

Many places around the world are starting to lift restriction on mobility, and as a result people are getting out a little bit and stretching their legs. Although not everyone is free to move as the please yet, I thought perhaps this would be a good way to motivate us all to get a move on in some way, shape or form.

Here is this week's challenge:

I want each person who participates to take a photo that shows you Ran/Jogged, Biked, Walked or Hiked any amount over 1 km, and make a post on Uptrennd with the photo and a description of your activity, how you felt about it, what it was like, ect....

Here are the guidelines for entering this challenge:

  1. Run, Bike, Walk or Hike at least 1 km

  2. Take a picture showing proof of the exercise. It could be on a treadmill, stationary bike, ellipitical or out in the great outdoors if you're able. There are many apps you can use to track the distance such as smartwatches, FitBits, mobile phones or any sort of GPS device. Try the STRAVA app on mobile if you need an activity tracker =)

  3. Create your Uptrennd post and share to Twitter as well. Use the #UptrenndFitness tag, and @Uptrennd & @Mountain_highz

  4. Leave the Uptrennd post link and the Twitter link in a comment below.

There will be a drawing for all qualified entries after the entry period closes, 

and two (2) people will win 

100 1UP Each!

Both links will be needed to qualify for the prize.

This challenge will run though Sunday June 7th at 23:59 EST (Eastern standard time)

I'm looking forward to seeing how many people we can get in on this one! 

​Here is my post about my run:


(Don't worry, I cant win lol)

Make sure to tag your friends and colleagues!!!

And as always...

​Keep on Uptrennding!

Image sourced from ​PEXELS FREE IMAGES​​​



Okonkwo Joseph
02 Jun

This challenge sounds nice.. 

it will help trennders engage more on fitness building... 

i wish my bike is still good I would have loved to join in this challenge. 


preview not available Lucas S
02 Jun

Walking, hiking and running also included!


Don Christov
02 Jun

Hehehe I've abandoned jugging cos of the lockdown, but I'm going back to it cos of this lol

Time to get my jugging boots back on and my fitness gamein shape lol


preview not available Lucas S
02 Jun

Walking is also included, if you read the post! 😋

Biking and hiking as well. Get those boots out!


Olatunbosun Bossman
02 Jun

This is a big challenge  and I am ready to participate in it. I just pray I should be able to cover one kilometer


preview not available Lucas S
02 Jun

You got this. I can't wait to see it done!


Chiamaka Nsiegbe
02 Jun

Thanksss. I jog every morning. I'll surely participate in this. 


Muntaha Arif
02 Jun

I am also ready to participate this Challenge.... 







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