Weekly Blockchain Gaming News #1

Welcome to our first weekly news article! Below you can find some of the biggest news in blockchain gaming for this week. 

This weekly series is brought to you by egamers.io and it will be an Uptrennd exclusive!

Giveaway Warz Started.

This is your best chance to get free blockchain game items! Join the Giveaway Warz, a series of 18 different giveaways with guaranteed wins and claim items to play various games. Join Now.

Eggies World Main Game Released.

After months of private beta and development, the Tron based crypto game Eggies World is now available to play! Get your egg, hatch it to become a monster and then take care of it to earn rewards in TRX & ORBZ! Read the full story.

Age of Rust Will Mint 80,000 Assets.

The popular multiverse adventure game will soo mint 80,000 assets backed by 300,000 ENJ ($26,000 ). Each one of them will play a role in the game. Get ready to explore abandoned space stations, mysterious caverns and ruins while solving reward puzzles.

Nestables Presale On the 27th of July.

The presale of the Multiverse game Nestables will begin on July 27th and the first 700 buyers will receive a founders token! Exclusive wearables and cosmetics are available for grab. Read the full story.

Tron Arcade & Blocklords.

Tron Arcade announced Blocklords as the newest addition. Blocklords is an award winning game (NEO AWARDS) playable in TRON and NEO blockchains. Read the full story.

Containment Corps Crate Sale is Live.

The first crate sale from Cointainment Corps is live and everyone can participate! Get unique and rare items in low prices. Cointainment Corps is a free to play tower defense steam game and multiverse enabled. Read the full story.

HyperDragons Massive Update.

The popular mining game introduced a series of updates for both ONT and ETH versions of the game. With the new update on works, its expected to upgrade the gaming experience of reach out to a wider audience. Read the full story.

SkyPeople Developing New RPG Game.

The TRON SR and game development studio, creators of Dragon Castle is developing a new RPG game. The company released some in-game footage and dev notes. Launch target is Q4 2019. Read the full story.

ChainBreakers Beta Launched.

The popular decentraland game partnered with Matic and now the beta is available on a sidechain. Anyone who owns a Celestial Ring can join the closed beta which started on July 19th, 2019. Read the full story.

Hash Rush Summer Update is here.

After a long time waiting for content update, Hash Rush delivered a neat update and the team is fully back on the game!  Thew new update features a revised combat system, unit improvements, animations and a new enemy to defeat! Read the full story.

Blockchain Cuties kicks off the biggest event.

Play in the new adventure mode, get eternal boxes or use the advanced crafting system. Season challenges are available, play now and get season tokens! Read the full story.

Crypto Assault Has a New Management.

Along with the announcement of the new company behind Crypto Assault, a new whitepaper was introduced and some exciting game features that balance the game! Read the full story.

Arena Match to launch first IEO on ProBit Exchange.

The popular skill-wager Enjin platform is going to launch their first IEO on ProBit platform an August 13th. AMG token will cost 0.10$ each and the first round will come with a 40% bonus. Read the full story.

Enjin Released a Player’s Guide for EnjinCraft.

A great and informative guide was released by Enjin featuring a lot of different aspects of the world’s first blockchain minecraft server as well as a lot of items that are playable in various Multiverse games. Read the guide

Spirit Clash Presale Coming Soon.

The Enjin TCG blockchain game will host their presale for a 4 week period on Opensea. For those who like to get in using CC, the Nifty Gateway is the way to go. The presale features a lot of cards and bundles! Read the full story.

Decentraland SDK Hackathon with 275k in Prizes

The popular gaming platform will host on September 2 their own SDK Hackathon with 2,500,000 Naba and 200 Lands in prizes! Submit your unique creation using the Decentraland builder and compete for incredible prizes. Read the full story.

Neo World hosted a Crypto Motors.

Citizens of Neo World got the chance to grab exclusive Crypto Motors cars! The sale was successful and drivers will be able soon to drive their cars in-game! Each card was sold for 200$ and NEO World counts 61,000 registered players. Read the full story.

Aftermath Island & TronEurope crowdfunding.

The Tron based game Aftermath Island is hosting a crowdfunding event with TERC and AIT tokens for everyone who participates. The game is expected to launch the next months. Check out the page.

MegaCryptopolis Soon to TRON Blockchain

The 3D city simulator game MegaCryptoPolis announced the support of TRON Blockchain. The game will be playable in both ethereum and TRON blockchains. This move will bring a bigger player base and players will benefit from smaller network fees as well as faster speeds. Read the full story.

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preview not available Luke Brenland
21 Jul

This is awesome guys!! Love the fact we have all the biggest news in one place :D

I did not realise MCP was going to Tron haha



preview not available Romana Grubesic
21 Jul

Great news guys! Blocklords sound great! Thnx for sharing!


preview not available St3v3 T88888
21 Jul

Loving how gaming is making a big stance in the blockchain world it will be great to see where this ends up


Lucas S
21 Jul

Wow, thanks for the update! I am looking forward to getting more into some of these games! The mobile friendly ones are best for me, though. 

Also, great job with the giveaways!


Elena Demou
21 Jul

Whoa, that is a serious update! This is totally awesome! 


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