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Web browser..

It is an software application that is use to access many Web pages. It can also locate or display the Web pages on the world wide.

It can also be displayed in text as well as graphics. Some modern Web browser can present in vedios and audio system tooo.

The example of Web browser are mozila forex, safari, goggle chrome. And opera mini.

There are two main types  of Web browsers..

Graphical browser

Text browser

Graphical browser. It is an program application software it may includes forex, mozila and mini it can also display the vedios, audio, text images and other things. 

Text browser.. 

Links, e link's, lynx etc are examples of text browser 

There are many search engines through which we can search just by adres. 




Soo browser also have an adres bar to show adres of that link as you're very familiar to that we attach the link of pictures that we include in our contents on uptrend. 


When you mostly click on the link of website page opens on your screens it may includes the vedio, pictures, documents etc

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Hina G
22 Feb

yes web browser is more benificial for every one specially for students at the time of making assignments


rabail fatima
22 Feb

Yes ofcourse your right 


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
23 Feb

Web browser is another application of modern internet services. Offcourse we always need a web browser whenever we need to google something or some information. Web pages can be saved for later use of important information. Web services help us alot when we are students and doing job and doing business. Yes web browsers really make our life easy and convenient.







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