Wealth Creation

In the recent time, there has been an upsurge in the quest of riches and wealth; while the ignorant one are on one extreme the desperate 'rich sicker ' are on the other extreme of the divide. A strategic for wealth creation is important in times like this a time where individual family and society depend on wealth for survival. Is a period where many has lost their job through organisation downsizing, workers strike as a result of unpaid salary and decrease in their salaries.

Strategies for wealth creation.

Below are the strategies for wealth creation:

Start from where you are now: start investing out of the little income you're earning today rather than invest in big later. You don't have to wait until you earn big before investing. Out of the little amount you are earning you can keep a little portion of it for future don't wait until it becomes big or  until you're stinkingly rich before you start investing.

Find a motivation: money is a good motivation for wealth creation but may not be sufficient motivation. It is very crucial that you find what that actually motivate you into a good wealth creation. 

Avoid overspending: if you do, where you will get what you invest with or what to start a capital to begin your business it is very important you avoid overspending. So as to have enough fun for your vision in investments you must first invent frequently.

Environmental survey: before establishing any business you must locate a place strategically, where you business can be easily seen. And also you must look for the strength weakness opportunity and threat of your business (SWOT).

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Godswill Johnson
02 Nov

You're absolutely right Sir... Once these steps are put in place then success is strongly assured.

One needs to start from the little to get big, spend wisely and be motivated.


Ikechukwu Ndukwe
02 Nov

sincerely we really need to find that thing that motivates us because its really vital in wealth creation. you have really lectured me here and i love this


Faith Haruna
02 Nov

Being wealthy is not all about making money alone. A lot of attributes must be combined to sustain the wealth. If you make small money and spend more than what you have made, you'll end up discovering that even before the money came, you had spent it. 


Malachy Ozone
02 Nov

Thanks for sharing, this is a very good motivational article with motivation principles and rules


kolobeJohannes Mafalo
02 Nov

Thats true, good points highighted here man, i can add the support structure, when you need to accumulate have a support structure that will help support your visions and plans without fail.







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