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Sadness, worries, troubles and sufferings are all part of life and without them there is no beauty in life. There were no hopes in my life because 2020 was a very painful time not only for me but for many people.But I believe

Happiness comes after every sorrow.

And it would not be wrong to say that I welcomed 2021 with joy and we got its reward and on 22nd January I blessed with cute  nephew( Muhammad Ahmed Khan) and I became an aunt and that's why I left the uptrennd completely for a week but I'm back now.Thanks you guys for your concern.

Since my sister's husband is the only son, so it was like a huge celebration for them. It is said that

 When a son born in a house, happiness spreads all around.

But I don't believe in gender discrimination but I wish there must be an elder brother of every sister. Since I have 3 nephews but no niece, but this was the first happiness of 2021 for all of us after 2 years and happiness spread in all our houses after a long journey through darkness. Since this week has been very busy and I missed many contests on Uptrennd but this time I am in a good mood to enjoy all these. 

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Seriously I was depressed a week ago but it is said that after every severe storm, the sky clears, after every darkness, there is morning, and the hands of the clock never stop and that's exactly the way happiness is. 

After every pain, there is happiness, and that happiness erase our grief, especially my mother's grief, and now she is blooming with joy.I'm really thankfuk to GOD that He blessed us with such a precious and beautiful gift in start.But

Alhamdulilah!! Alhamdulilah for everything!!!

May God bring happiness in everyone's life and may 2021 be a year of happiness for all.

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Ayesha Malik
26 Jan

Congrats to you for having such beautiful addition to your family; I believe you would have this year full of joys and delights;

Good to know that you don't believe in gender discrimination; I guess such thinking should be spread 

And yes Allah Almighty always blesses those who are consistent and have a firm belief.💞

Ameen to your prayers.


Maryam khan
26 Jan

Ameen sumameeen dear and now I just need a niece hehe because there are fewer girls in our family 


marriyam mano
26 Jan

Congratulations to the baby who came. If a new baby is born in the house, it is very happy. 

May Allah keep you happy and grant long life to your nephew.

Your nephew name is very pretty 

Muhammad Ahmed Khan

What is ahmed is the name of the Holy Prophet and it is a very blessed name and I pray that it will be a very blessed name for your nephew ❤️❤️


Maryam khan
26 Jan

Ameen sumameeeen May Allah help him to follow the footsteps of HOLY PROPHET like his name ameeen.. Thanks a lot Marriyam for dropping a beautiful comment


marriyam mano
26 Jan




Freekay Gold
26 Jan

Sure everything in life has it's own difference so we most learn how to practice happiness at every beginning of life.


Mahnoor Pathan
26 Jan

First of all a big congratulations to you on new member of the family... 

You are right ease comes after many difficulties... 

May ALLAH bless this child with happy and healthy life... 


Maryam khan
26 Jan

Ameen Sumameeeen thank you very much for these beautiful prayers Mahnoor and now I'm waiting for a niece hehe


Khadim Hussain
26 Jan

Yes year 2020 is so painfull for all world. I prayed the year 2021 is naot a bad year. Congrats to your new cute baby. Wellcome to this plate form this is a best choice to intertain the life







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