We need to be more strict about Corona !

Hey , it's my humble request Β πŸ™πŸ™ to you all , be safe and keep others , double mutant viruses are more dangerous !

Once again the era of corona epidemic has started. Β The second wave of corona is more effective and dangerous than the first. Β 

Every day active cases are increasing and the death rate has increased. Β 

To get rid of this, we have to try by ourselves. Β 

Avoid going to overcrowded areas. Β Masks and two yards will always have to be kept in mind.Β 

Elections are being held in some states, where there is a danger of increasing infection. Β 

Therefore, one should avoid going to those places. Β Instructions issued by doctors and the government should be followed in every possible way. Β To leave without work, one has to leave the habits of gathering. Β 

If we do not remain cautious, Corona may fall prey and will endanger the family.

Let's me know the condition of your area in the comments section !

Thanking you !




Zeehsan Ashraf
19 Apr

We should follow the SOPs and keep maintaining distance.

This is best for us to avoid from covid19. We should apply around us.

This pandemic did already demage to our society. We should take all the steps that necessary for us.


Mankeshwar Raj
19 Apr

Oooh , it's great to know that you have already been done your research about this...

Feeling great to hear from you !



Abdul Qadir
19 Apr

this pandemic is ruining everything including our goal our preference changes us I hope soon this pandemic will be over 


Mankeshwar Raj
19 Apr

Ooh well , it will ended when we follow such instructions which were being given by the government .

Thanking you !


Asher Rasheed
19 Apr

Yes, corona is again here with a more worst form.We must avoid going into overcrowded places.


Mankeshwar Raj
19 Apr

Firstly , follow the SOPs and keep distancing ...

And I know you all know about it so avoid such things and give instructions to others..

Thanking you !


Ahmad Rana
19 Apr

We should   strictly follow instruction against this virus we should follow sops in this respect.

High care required for protection against this.


Mankeshwar Raj
19 Apr

That's the first duty of every citizen.

And I think you are one of them 

Thanking you !


Lubna Kokab
19 Apr

Condition of Covid is worse in my area. Too many people fell victim of this virus and a lot of deaths occur daily. People must follow SOP's and stay at home as much as possible. Avoid to stay in crowd, keep distance and use mask all time when you are on public places.


Mankeshwar Raj
19 Apr

So being educated, irs your responsibility to convince about it.

And I hope you would do it .

Thanking you !







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